Change -y to -ies or -s.

a. If the word ends in a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) + y then just add s.
boy/boys, journey/journeys, key/keys, tray/trays.

b. If the word ends in a consonant + y then y changes to -ies
country/countries, baby/babies, body/bodies, memory/memories, sky/skies, variety / varieties...

Please note that you don't use spelling rules with proper names just make sure you use a capital letter (or you'll have all sorts of problems with passports and online searches!):
The Jollys have gone on holiday (Not the Jollies have gone...)
The Parrys are moving house.

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Change the y to -ies or -s to make a plural. Press Answer and check your spelling letter by letter

1: family

2: eighty

3: valley

4: beauty

5: responsibility

6: opportunity

7: journey

8: survey

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