Spelling Strategies & Secrets book

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Spelling Strategies & Secrets is packed full of useful tips to help you remember your spellings, and myth-busting facts to help you understand spelling.

It's ideal for anyway frustrated with spelling, who needs to know how to remember spellings, and why spelling is the way it is.

It's also perfect for homeschoolers, teachers, and tutors to help you explain those awkward questions about spelling. It provides a useful guide to spelling systems to help teach spelling, and tips to help dyslexics.

The Contents:
The Most Common Misspelled Words List
The Secrets of Spelling
Myth Busting
The Do’s and Don’ts of Spelling
Glossary of Terms
Spelling Systems
Dyslexia Help
Spelling pep talk – making mistakes is good
Spelling Strategies – the tricks of spelling
Words within Words
Troublesome Letters
Spotting Vowels
Silent Letters
Sound-Alikes – Homophones. Common homophones list
Visual Spelling Patterns
Identifying Letter Patterns
Word Families
Building Words With Prefixes and Suffixes
Syllable Breakdown
Phonic Spelling Strategies
Patterns, rhymes, sounds and rules
Spelling vs. Pronunciation
Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method
Take an Interest in Words
American vs. British Spelling
Key Spelling Rules
Job Application Words
Your Spelling Stories

The book helps you to improve, remember and learn spellings. It guides you through using memory tricks, words within words, noticing letter patterns and word families. Also, spelling secrets and myths are revealed and debunked so you feel less frustrated by spelling.

The purpose of Spelling Strategies & Secrets is to not only help you improve your spelling but also to increase your spelling knowledge, so that you understand why it is the way it is. It will help you see the regularities and patterns and eventually help you enjoy its strange, quirky ways, so you can remember spellings and have the confidence to write and express yourself the way you want to.

The aim of this book is to give you the confidence to spell well; to know that you can use these strategies to help you spell tricky words, and know that it’s not “cheating”.

We have so many variations of spelling and a huge vocabulary that we need little reminders to spell some words. Even great spellers use them.

This book is not about learning obscure words but about learning common, everyday words that are some of the most misspelled in British (BrE) and American English (AmE).

Available from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com

To look inside the book, check the video below.

Below is one of my favourite/favorite (AmE) videos about using memory tricks to remember spellings.

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Hi Joanne,
I am a senior lecturer in the Law School at Stoke on Trent and I am the proud new owner of your book. I have made it recommended reading for my level three law students. The level three access year provides students an extra year with their law degree. Many of these students have struggled with A levels and need a lot of support. I also have mature students on the award who are starting their second career. I think your site, book and tips are very effective.
All the Best
L.P Martin, Senior Lecturer Law, Staffordshire University

Thank you Joanne, your book is just what I was looking for. I can spell but find remembering spelling especially those "tricky" words you have in your book. Big thanks, John, UK

Another great book again! The more I think about and study spelling the better I get at it. I couldn't have done it without you. Sandra, USA

Great book, Joanne. I have only just noticed that ease is in please. Spelling is becoming clearer. I believe when you try to break words down it doesn’t work. A lot for me is putting words together and remembering patterns. It’s amazing if I don’t use a few words for 6 to 8 weeks I forget how to spell them.
Daryl, UK

Thank you so much for the Spelling Strategies book. I've learnt so much from it, especially, the memory tricks, and syllable breakdown, which I use to help me spell now. I can't believe how much I know about spelling now and am so much more confident. Jane H.

Another great book, Joanne, thanks for all your hard work. As you say it's never too late to learn spelling, and since finding your website and books my spelling and confidence have improved. D.J.

I'm a teacher and find all your resources and books very useful. This book has some great information about spelling, and I'm not afraid of pupils asking questions about spelling anymore. Sam