Magic 'e' Silent 'e'

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1: Tim / time
    What is coming?

2: hat / hate
    I that he always wears.

3: pet / Pete
    I hope does NOT bring his tarantula.

4: kit / kite
    He built a from a he got from the internet.

5: spin / spine
    When I round, my hurts.

6: Sid / side
    There is a to I do not like.

7: win / wine
    If you the race, I will buy you a bottle of

8: quit / quite
    Do not even if you are fed up with your job.

9: breath / breathe
    When I in slowly, the goes deep into my abdomen.

10: them / theme
    They played the music from Star Wars, which people enjoyed because most of were Star Wars fans.

Writing Exercise

Make some sentences like the ones above with the words below, and send them to me here at Contact and maybe I'll do an exercise like this with them:
envelop / envelope
shin / shine
sit / site
cub / cube
grip / gripe
twin / twine
snip / snipe
bath / bathe
cap / cape
rat / rate
not / note
hat / hate
din / dine
dim / dime
bit / bite
pet / Pete
Tim / time
Sid / side
kit / kite
fin / fine
spin /spine