In this lesson, we're looking at your and you're and the strategies to make sure you're using the right one when you're writing and proofreading your work.

They're the same sound but with different meanings and spellings and are called homophones.

When you're typing quickly your fingers or brain will sometimes type the first "your" that comes into your brain and that's why it's so important to proofread your work, go over it, read it back to yourself slowly, and check it carefully.

We're going to look at some strategies to help remember which is which.

Your = possession/belonging to:
your house
your phone
your parents

your house, our house, her house, their house, his house
See the word within your = our your

Your interview is at 3 o'clock.
Have you got your key?
Are your children at school?
Is your house rented or bought?

When you're reading a sentence back you can substitute "your" with "my" or "our" to see if it fits.
When's your appointment?
When's "my" appointment?
When's "our" appointment?

you're = you are
The apostrophe shows there is a missing 'a'

The strategy you need to use to see if you're using the right one is to read back your sentences and read you're in the long form as you are and see if it fits.

You're doing well with you're spelling.
"You are doing well with you are spelling." ???
You are ✓ doing well with you are X ( should be "your") spelling
You're doing well with your spelling. ✓

spelling tests

Let's do a quick test.

Proofread these sentences. Are they correct? If not, correct them.
1. You're driving me crazy.
2. Your going the wrong way!
3. I think I know you're brother.



1. You're (You are) driving me crazy. ✓

2. Your going the wrong way x (not Your) You're (you are) going the wrong way.

3. (not you're) I think I know your brother

How did you do?

your = possession my computer, your computer

you're = you are - you're doing well (you are doing well), you're learning so much (you are learning so much.)

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