Here are some useful websites that have worksheets, info, games. (If you have any favourites let me know.)

BBC Skillswise - good website for literacy and numeracy with info sheets, worksheets, games and short videos. website by Shireen Shuster check out her book Spelling Essentials in the book section.
BBC World Service Learning English (Flatmates drama series is great for your listening and language skills) - free Functional Skills and Skills for Life resources
WyzAnt Resources
Online spelling rules course

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Need a tutor - online or private:
Tutor House (
Tutorful (Tutora) (

Open College resources
Guide to Grammar and Punctuation
Referencing and Citation Style Guides
6 iPad apps for creative writing
25 ways to boost writing skills

English for second language students, EFL, ESL, IELTS, ESOL

Speaking Practice "italki is an online language learning service where you can find the best language teachers from around the world. It’s the fastest, most convenient way to become fluent in a foreign language."

British Council grammar and vocabulary

Pronunciation App Macmillan Education

Listen to the pronunciation of a word

Deep - English Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation of names + popularity, history and meanings

English lessons
The Effortless English Blog - hundreds of free resources, videos and podcasts.
LearnEnglish Kids free online games to help children learn English the fun way.
English Grammar Basics 30 lessons on the principles of grammar.

IELTS Practice IELTS Liz
IELTS Advantage
English Lessons
Perfect English Grammar
English Banana
Adele's Corner
ESL Cafe
ESL - grammar worksheets
ESL - vocabulary worksheets

IELTS Apps from Macmillan
IELTS Skills App
IELTS Speaking App
IELTS Listening App
IELTS Reading App
IELTS Writing App

I love the website that Woodlands School in Kent do. Click here for their homepage


Click here for Grammar Monster

Click here to go to the Oxford Dictionary punctuation explanation and examples

Click here to go to the University of Sussex site on punctuation

Click here to do an exercise

Writing Support and Feedback
There are lots of writing guides and examples available on Academic Help. Plus, you can get an expert to analyze your paper to know your grade before turning in your paper. (PLEASE NOTE: This is not an exam writing site but a writing support and feedback site.)

how to punctuate spelling

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