13 Useful Tools to Improve Your Writing
by Lesley Vos

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Studies have shown the importance of technology and the Internet in English writing:
• techs and tools improve writing performance of about 50% of learners;
• digital tools help 79% of learners to collaborate;
• technology and online resources help learners share writings with a wider audience.

With that in mind, it would be wise to use some technological tools for improving your English writing; enhancing your learning and writing efficiency; and helping you enjoy the process of learning itself!

There are dozens of tools available online so to make it easier for you, I've gathered 13 useful apps, tools and online resources every student should know.

These 13 apps and websites have spelling tips, advice from writing experts, interactive exercises, online communities to collaborate with other learners, and tools to organize your writing ideas.

1. Odyssey Writer – Odyssey Writer This is a writing program that guides you through the entire process, helping you write compositions, make them more effective and focused. Plus, if your teacher uses Odyssey Writer too – he or she can navigate you through the four writing phases: research, drafting, writing and revising.

2. Storybird – Storybird If you are a creative student, you will like this program. It helps you create stories, publish and share them with others. Learn to express your thoughts in English more efficiently, collaborate with other learners and improve your communicative skills.

3. Criterion Writing Evaluation – Criterion Writing Evaluation For those learners who have to write essays, this web-based tool is a savious/savior(AmE) as it helps to plan and write academic papers in English. Plus, it gives feedback on your work to help you edit and revise it, if necessary.

4. My Access! – My Access! This program is cloud-based, and is aimed to help you deal with English writing. It offers over 1,000 topics in different fields to use for writing, and it provides feedback on style, content and language you used.

5.10 Commonly Misused Words Remember to always proofread and check your work. Here's a good resource.

6. Grade Mark – Grade Mark Use Grade Mark to check your English writing for plagiarism, improve writing, and get feedback and comments from professional instructors, and find out if your writing is grammatically and stylistically correct.

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7. Day! – Day! English writing can be challenging! Use this app to organize your observations and ideas, and make your writing process easier. It’s like a personal diary for you to write down rules, words, examples, or just your thoughts on English.

8. Toontastic – Toontastic This tool can become a great addition to your English compositions, especially if your writing level is elementary. You can draw cartoons, use vocabulary to come up with audio soundtracks and help your written compositions become really cool!

9. Popplet –Popplet This application will help you organize your writing ideas and sort them visually. It makes documentation easier, letting you create vocabularies, edit notes, plan your writings, etc. Plus, it lets you collaborate with other learners and share achievements.

10. iCanWrite –iCanWrite This app will become a good friend for those taking their first steps in English writing. It's aimed for kids, but everyone who is learning how to write the letters of the alphabet will find it both useful and entertaining. Writing fundamentals are very important, aren't they?

11. Dragon Dictation – Dragon Dictation Learn English writing through speaking! Use this application to speak your English texts and see it in written form. It can help you learn spelling and overcome the fear of sharing your thoughts in English.

12. Sentence Builder– Sentence Builder Your writing will never work if you can't build grammatically correct sentences. With the help of this application you will learn essential grammar lessons and be able to build sentences properly. Progress statistics are available, encouraging you to improve results and learn better.

13. ABC Cursive – ABC Cursive Practice your English writing with this interesting app. Your cursive handwriting will definitely become better, and you will see that English is not only serious and educative, but fun, too!

By Lesley Vos, a private educator and a passionate blogger. She writes a book now, and you can always find her on Google+