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Useful Spelling and Writing Apps by Sally Sonderson

It's hard to get your point across and write well when you are having difficulties with your spellings. These apps will help you improve your spelling and expand your vocabulary at the same time.

1) Simplex Spelling Phonics click here
What is most interesting about this app is that instead of testing you on the words you've already learned, Simplex Spelling Phonics concentrates on teaching your kids about the spelling concepts. The 52 phonics features are ideal for grade 4-5 students who tend to have a hard time with spelling. The lessons taught are done in a clear and straightforward manner to ensure maximum understanding of the concepts. The app can also be fully customized for each student to make it perfect for kids. Teaching starts with a sequence of words which are dictated in sentence context.

2) SpellBoard click here
What this app does best is that it allows you to memorize spelling words and also helps you to track your progress with a lot of ease. Though this app is not flamboyant, it delivers satisfactorily results when it comes to functionality. The tool combines a number of awesome features to deliver an amazing experience to the user. The fact that the app is equipped with interactive games makes spelling words fun and easy to learn. Students get to participate in a quiz session and have their data tracked in case one needs to access the same data later on. SpellBoard comes with a numbers of features which can be overwhelming at first for the user. Ensure that you take some time to familiarise yourselves with the app before starting to enjoy the benefits. Available from your iTunes App Store

3) Spell Friendzy click here
Available for both Android and iOS users; Spell Friendzy helps you to practice spelling in an interactive way. The most resourceful thing about this app is that it contains tons of spelling practices which can be of great benefit to kids. As an interactive app, Spell Friendzy just as the name suggests allows students to play with other students in their class or even around the world. If you are more of a loner, you may opt to do away with the interactive part and opt for the individual practice as there is still plenty that one can do. The app allows teachers to register so that they can be in a better position of creating challenges for their students to take part in. The independent practice has a total of ten ranks ranging from Beginner to Brainiac.

Writing apps
For you to be excellent at writing you need to get your spellings right. One thing we can all agree on is that writing requires a lot of practice. The earlier you start the better you become. With these amazing tools, kids can train themselves to write well. meticulously which is core to everyone's success.

1) Book Creator for iPad click here
Book Creator for iPad usage cuts across authors of all abilities and ages. The app can be used to help kids learn the essential skills that will help them know how well to express themselves and share their work with their friends and families. Kids can use the tool to create professional multimedia projects and share the same. It is also best suited for unlocking the creative opportunities that are commonly present with most of our young writers.

2) Word Creativity Kit click here
As a highly creative writing tool for kids, Word Creativity Kit offers students a rather unique system which can be used to explore the interplay existing between visual design and text. The aim of this unique system is to try and spur creativity among students and encourage them to adapt to creative writing. With this tool, kids are given an avenue where they are allowed to create words, designs, colours and pictures which in turn helps them to become better writers.

3) Train Your Hand click here
Without a good balance in your hands, writing becomes daunting. What this app does for your kid is that it will teach them how to draw lines of all kinds using one of their fingers. The task here is to make the kid draw lines tracing dotted lines to design a shape such as a curve. The shapes are many to ensure that your kid doesn’t get bored while at it. For kids who successfully trace the lines, they are rewarded by being given a trophy which they can then stack the on a shelf. This fun tool is a perfect learning app that can help children master the art of writing. What is even interesting about this app is that it comes fully equipped with engaging music, shining colours and an easy to use interface.

Thanks to technology, learning has not only been made simple but fun at the same time. Thanks, Sally

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