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Top Online Essay Writing Resources
by Robert Morris an online educator, writer and tutor.
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The education process is simplified in many ways through the implementation of technology tools. Can you imagine yourself as a student who doesn’t rely on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet on a daily basis? Technology is not a tool for distraction; it’s an aid that can help you become a better achiever.

Have you ever tried using online tools to make the essay writing process less intimidating? You don’t need to start searching for the best apps and tools; the list of online resources provided below will enable you to surpass any obstacle you encounter.

1. Check out this writer's handbook from the University of Wisconsin click here

2. Lexicool - Lexicool You don’t understand some words in the sources you collected for your essay? Maybe you want to add flare to the paper by using unusual phrases that will capture the point? Lexicool provides links to a great deal of dictionaries, glossaries, and language and translation resources. The access to this content will add a new dimension to your academic research.

3. Bartleby - Bartleby You need to write a literature review, but you don’t want to spend money to get the actual book? No worries; you will probably find it at this website, which provides unlimited free access to books and information for students and researchers. You can easily find the edition you need through the advanced search that enables you to enter the author, title, and subject.

4. Scrible - Scrible Scrible provides a set of tools that enable you to bookmark web pages and highlight the information you need. You can easily get confused by all sources you locate during an online research. You’ll forget what sections of a particular article you planned to use, and some bookmarks might seem completely irrelevant when you access them later. Thanks to Scrible’s highlighting features, you will avoid any confusion.

5. Scrivener Scrivener You can use Scrivener as a content generator, which will help you compose and structure your essays to perfection. The tool makes the editing and formatting stages of the process easy to control. You can mark up the text with comments and add notes that will help you return to some parts later on. The tool enables you to import web pages, images, .pdf and media files, transcribe audio files, and view research files alongside your writing.

6. Zotero - Zotero This is one of the most powerful tools to use during the research stages of the process. It helps you collect, organize, share, and cite the research sources. The best thing about Zotero is that it automatically senses content in your web browser. Thus, you will be able to add materials to your personal library with a single click.

Now that you have a collection of 7 tools that will make the essay writing challenge easier to cope with; all you need is commitment. Start working on the project as early as possible; that’s the best recipe for success!

Robert Morris is an online educator, writer and tutor.
Find him on Google+

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