Want to improve your spelling by knowing the reasons why spelling is so weird and frustrating but wonderful? 

  • Do you get frustrated and annoyed with English spelling?
  • Do you wonder why 'stupid' English spelling is so 'weird' and full of silent letters that trip you up and are a huge waste of time?
  • And why the hell can't we spell like we speak?

The good news is spelling can be learned, loved, improved.

history of spelling

A great strategy to learn and improve your spelling is knowing why spelling is the way it is.

3 important/useful things to learn about spelling that stop you getting frustrated with it are:

    1. knowing the reasons why English spelling is so 'weird'
    2. understanding the history of why spelling is the way it is
    3. understanding why we have so many words with the same or similar meanings.

I explain all this is my ebook:

The Reasons Why English Spelling is so Weird and Wonderful.


The Reasons Why English Spelling is so Weird and Wonderful is an ebook so instantly downloadable

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This book will help you improve your spelling, your spelling confidence, your knowledge and understanding of spelling, because you'll:

  • know exactly why English spelling is the way it is with all its quirks and strangeness
  • you'll see the logic in the English spelling system and feel more confident about it
  • you'll feel happier about spelling and love it!
  • you'll know how the various tribes that invaded England developed English and made it so 'strange'
  • you'll know who caused our spelling problems and what they did to it
  • you'll improve your vocabulary and know why there are so many words that mean the same thing or similar.

I know from my own personal experience, and from my students' experiences, that knowing all this history stuff will help you feel less frustrated about spelling, you'll feel happier about those 'strange' letter patterns that seem to make no sense at all.

I've spent 18 years learning all this great information from incredibly inspiring teachers, from spelling 'gurus', to English language experts and linguists and

I really want to share this knowledge with you because I know you'll find it fascinating and very useful. I know it will help dyslexics too.

I had problems with my spelling, and when I learnt all about the history of English spelling it really inspired me and helped me improve my spelling, as well as wanting to become a literacy and English teacher.

So give this ebook a try and if you really don't find it interesting, helpful and useful then I'll give you your money back.

When your knowledge of words increases, your confidence in learning improves, your ability to use a dictionary develops, and your memory bank of words grow larger.
Which means:
you'll start being able to predict likely spelling patterns or feel able to learn whole groups of words at once, and learning and remembering  spellings will become easier. (thanks to the Basic Skills Agency's Spelling Pack)

Let's look at those silent letters:
 *Most silent letters used to be pronounced and then eventually dropped, but the spelling was fixed so we kept the spelling.

 We have silent letters in about 60% of our words: know, knock, gnaw, calm, psychic, daughter, right, island, salmon, write, wrong, debt, receipt...

The silent 'k' and 'g'in know, knock, gnat, gnaw are from Old Norse/Vikings. The 'k' and 'g' used to be pronounced. We still spell them with a 'g' and 'k' because it shows us the history and origin of the words.

A lot of English spelling is about seeing the history and origins in the word.

But some academics in the 16th century caused chaos with our spelling because they wanted a more 'authoritative' spelling system.

They were influenced by Latin and thought our spelling should reflect Latin so they added the silent 'b' in debt and doubt, a silent 'p' in receipt and a silent 'l' in salmon to reflect their Latin roots.  Arghhhhh!

But do you know who else caused our spelling chaos?

This lot below:
  • The French who invaded and colonised us in 1066 caused the biggest headaches.
  • The printers of the late 1400s added their own strange spellings to the mix
  • And as we saw above, the Renaissance academics with their obsession with Latin

Language always changes - how we say, pronounce and use words changes. There's no holding back language, it's forever growing and changing which is a good thing.

So there you have it, a very quick explanation of some of the reasons why Engish spelling is so weird. If you'd like more information and learn more about all this then grab a copy now.



So if you're serious about wanting to understand English spelling and you want to improve your spelling, then you need to grab a copy of "The Reasons why English Spelling is so Weird and Wonderful" right now, because you can conquer this fear, frustration, annoyance of English spelling - Today! 

Testimonials and recent comments from customers:

I just like to thank you for a great book!! I'm dyslexic and this approach really works for me. Thanks again. Robert

5 out of 5 stars I found this book very helpful. (The Reasons Why... ebook)
By Sarah Ann. I am a dyslexic adult and this is the first intelligent spelling book I've seen. When you recognise word parts with similar meanings it helps you to determine which vowel that word part should contain. That has been one of my biggest problems in spelling, neutral vowels in the middle of words and no way of guessing what they are. Learning the history and the meaning of words really makes a difference. This book is great. Thank you for writing it and thank you for all the videos on Youtube as well.

For a word nerd like me, this was a little gem (The Reasons Why...ebook) . I have learned bits and pieces of the history of English over the years, but this book really helped me connect it all together. A nice, quick, fun and easy read. Now I can give my students some better answers when they complain about the spelling and pronunciation of English. Sheri Summers - American speaking & expert - Click here to find out more about the American Accent Course

I always wondered why we had so many strange spellings in English and this book has just told me why. I loved the history bits especially how the French suppressed the English and the language and how they changed spellings that are still with us today. I found it fascinating and it's not bogged down with academic and linguistic language - simple, straight to the point.

"Thanks for your work, this stuff is excellent. Your book ‘The Reasons Why..." is a real classic – it has taught me a lot – it should be in curriculum’s everywhere."  Adam

I just got this great email from a customer in the USA. It's so sweet I thought I must include it here. "I just wanted you to know it has been a great help for me. I shared this with a English teacher who has her P.H.D .and now who is retired. She is 90 years young and lives in a retirement center. She has poor eye sight . I let her hear the video on the history of language. She loved it and is always telling her friends about your site . The other residents got excited too because it was so educational. Thanks so much David, Alabama."

Thank you for this ebook, I very much enjoyed reading it. I can now see why we spell words the way we do. Helen, York.

Interesting. Really understand things now. Loved the photos and pictures, Jon, Kent.

I've just completed the two links you sent me, it's so fascinating to learn about the English language and why it is the way it is, still wish words were spelt the way they are pronounced though!!.  I picked up so much useful information on the way, still confused with how to know which words end with 'el' or 'le' though! - those always get me ~X( at wits' end  But the explanation helps. Will read it again and again and get it in my head. Denise

Learning about and seeing those Anglo-Saxon letter patterns has made me see the things all over, especially in my writing which is good, I can spell better, ebook helped a lot, Hidaayo, London.

I have just started 1:1 tutoring for English Functional skills at a college and am always on the look out for resources that are adult based.  I have recommended your website to several students and colleagues and have picked up some excellent tips and strategies. I very much enjoyed reading your Reasons Why English Spelling is... and will definitely try some of the books you recommend. Many thanks, Helen.


This is a great little book that explains the quirks of English spelling without all the academic, linguist language that other experts put in their books. The history of English is alive in our spelling! And I love teaching this to my students and have learnt lots from this book and your website. Loved it, thanks. Karen, literacy, English teacher, London. 

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