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Hate answering questions about spelling? Cringe when you hear a student ask "But why?" Want to know why spelling is the way it is, and learn some great spelling strategies to help you and your students? Then check out -

Spelling Strategies & Secrets: The essential how to spell guide

Spelling Strategies & Secrets

spelling strategies 
Hi Joanne,
I am a senior lecturer in the Law School at Stoke on Trent and I am the proud new owner of your book. I have made it recommended reading for my level three law students. The level three access year provides students an extra year with their law degree. Many of these students have struggled with A levels and need a lot of support. I also have mature students on the award who are starting their second career. I think your site, book and tips are very effective.
All the Best
L.P Martin, Senior Lecturer Law, Staffordshire University


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    33 Online Resources for American Teachers by Kenneth Waldman
    Top Tools that Help you Teach Essay Writing by Anna Olinger

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    Spelling Rules Workbook
    spelling rules workbook

    spelling rules workbook

    Do you want to know the reasons why spelling is so weird (and wonderful)?

    spelling lessons
    Two great ways to improve your spelling are knowing where words come from and taking an interest in words. That means

    • knowing the reasons why English spelling is so 'weird' 
    • understanding the history of why spelling is the way it is
    • understanding why we have so many words with the same or similar meanings

    spelling books 

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    Recent comments from teachers

    (Note from Joanne. Use whatever you need in classrooms that is on this website including photocopying the PDFs - just acknowledge You can also download the videos from - click here

    Hi Joanne, I am a Functional Skills English Tutor and I teach adults who have very low literacy levels e.g. (Entry 1 - Entry 3). I also have dyslexia, and consequently I am passionate about trying to help vulnerable adults to improve their literacy skills. I really admire the work that you have done in order to make spelling,punctuation and grammar more accessible to adults. Which is why I have bought several of your books to use as reference copies in class and I have also bought your books to give to my students as presents when they have passed their exams.

    In addition I have encouraged some of my students to sign up to your website, and they have told me that they have found the extra spelling worksheets which you have sent them extremely helpful.

    Anyway, my query is about the online Spelling Rules, Patterns & Strategies Course. I would like to purchase it to show to my students in class and I wondered if that would be possible? Once I have purchased the course I would show it in one classroom and I would only use it on an Interactive Whiteboard. Would that be ok with you? Liz (I replied with a big yes. The course also includes PDFs of my books so they can be photocopied and used in class.)

    Hello Joanne, This is a very busy time of the year in Australia as it's report writing time. And here I am, in the wee hours of the morning hurrying to get them done. Your email was a lovely distraction. Thank you so much for your wonderful resource. I am finding it extremely useful. Regards Vivian

    I am a SfL teacher teaching in Adult Ed (publicly funded) and would like to use your videos in my work. Is that ok, are there copyright restrictions on your materials? Obviously the source and your rights as the author will always be acknowledged. They are terrific materials and you’ve clearly put in a lot of work, the videos are very well put together, well done and thanks for your help. Ruth S (Note from Joanne. Use whatever you need in classrooms that is on this website including photocopying the PDFs - just acknowledge You can also download the videos from - click here

    Thank you for your excellent videos. I watched the change the y to i rule video. I am a teacher of special needs children. So many videos for spelling rules are either confusing, go too fast, or overwhelming with sounds and graphics. My students need exactly what you had, with clear explanations, no filler, just helpful information. You have a beautiful and calming voice. Thanks for the vid! Erin

    Thanks for this. I'm the training and projects bod for foundation programmes at the aviation college in Qatar and I do circulate your materials to our staff. I know they've found much of it useful and have built ideas into our programmes, so thank you for your efforts - keep it going. Chris

    Thank You for sending the information about the spelling system. I'm working as a lecturer-in-English in Libya. I am very grateful to your help. Your videos are very very informative. I really appreciate your concern about helping others. Thanks once again. Dr R.

    The Spelling Rules Workbook is a very useful book. I am not using it as they expect it to be used, I am using it to help find spellings with their rules to teach to a small group of children. It is great to have the exercises available which I can use if I need to. It also covers both British and American spellings.

    I recently purchased your Spelling Rules Workbook and also received your How to Spell the 20 Most Commonly Misspelled Words Workbook. I would like to say that I have found them most useful - clear and succinct. In fact my colleagues and I would like your permission to use some of the explanations and exercises in the Year 7 spelling programme we are currently developing. (With acknowledgement naturally.) We do intend to purchase copies of your book for each of the Year 7 teachers to use as a reference. Jude, Australia

    Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your spelling and punctuation books, they have been great, and helped me massively in improving both my spelling and grammar. I was able to pass the literacy test first time, to enter the PGCE course that I wanted to! Thank you once again. Best wishes, Nicole, UK

    Great site, Joanne! Have really enjoyed reading it. We obviously think along the same lines when it comes to teaching older students. Regards, Shireen. Shireen Shuster from (Spelling Essentials book by Shireen Shuster)

    BBC Learning English have named How to the number 1 site for spelling "We often get asked questions about spelling and How to is a great site and videos... and fantastic games and quizzes..."

    I love your lessons and adore your Reasons Why ebook. I run an online pronunciation program for international professionals and I'm always looking for ways to help them enhance their other English skills. Sheri Summers - American speaking expert - Click here to find out more about the American Accent Course

    Hi Joanne...Just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I stumbled across it the other day while searching for spelling resources for my adult learners, and I have found it so useful. Will definitely be rooting through your archives to incorporate your methods and tricks into my lessons. I love the videos too. They make explanations so much easier. Thank you! Suzanne

    Hi Joanne! Just wanted to say massive thanks for your work and the fantastic practice videos for the literacy skills test. I have dyslexia but I did the four online practice tests on the Department for Education website and had 75-90%. You can imagine my shock when I failed my first attempt (by one point). To start my teacher training, I had to first quit my current job so it was extremely stressful, my entire future was at stake and I was running out of time. Your website was so extremely helpful, I couldn't have done it without you! Also, your voice is very calm and reassuring, it really helped with the stress! I will start my teacher training in mid-August and I am very excited. Thank you! Matt (July 17)