The Letter C

The letter C “is no letter at all” John Baret 1580.

The letter C is a problem letter that has been talked about over the centuries. (Watch the video and/or read on)

Syllable Breakdown

Spelling Tip 6 - using the spelling strategy syllable breakdown.

Using memory tricks

Spelling tip number 5 - using memory tricks

Memory tricks are great to help you remember difficult spellings, or the bits of spelling you keep getting wrong.

one & once

Do you know why we pronounce one and once with a 'w'?

One and once are problem words because they’re pronounced with a /w/ but the other words with the letter pattern 'on' aren’t.

Spelling tip number 4

Spelling Tip 4 Speaking vs Spelling

"If I improve the way I speak I'll be able to spell, right?" Wrong

quit, quite, quiet

These three words are quite a spelling nightmare for many people.

It's quite quiet today.

I quit my job because it was quite stressful now my life is quiet.

to, too, two

It's easy to get confused about when to use to, too and two.

Watch the video, then read the info and then do the exercise.