Spelling Tip number 10 - use it or lose it! Revision of the Spelling Tips

So you've watched all the videos but how much can you remember? Not much, a lot, nothing? That's natural, we forget stuff, remember from tip 3 you have to work at remembering things.

write, writing, written, wrote

I'm writing to complain about the letter you wrote asking for information that I've already written to you about.

Top Ten Spelling Rules

Spelling Tip Number 9 - Knowing Spelling Rules

The Top Ten Spelling Rules

Spelling tip number 8 - do's & don'ts of spelling

Spelling Tip Number 8 - The Do's & Don'ts of Spelling
**do's and don'ts can also be spelled dos and don'ts

Adding all, till, full

In this lesson we're looking at what happens when we join all, till, full to words.

Spelling the "f" sound

In this lesson and video we're looking at the different ways to spell the "f" sound and the rules and history behind it.

Watch the video below &/ or read on.

-ise v -ize

american british flag

realise or realize, organiser or organizer,
recognised or recognized?