3 tricky -ent words

Use memory tricks and spelling strategies to help you remember three difficult -ent spellings: excellent, independent and different. They're easy to read but not so easy to spell.

How to spell "cemetery"

cematery, cemetary or cemetery?

Cemetery is a tricky word to spell but as soon as you learn a memory trick , or see all those e's you'll remember the spelling.

-au- letter pattern word search

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stationary or stationery

stationary or stationery

In this lesson, we're going to look at memory tricks to remember which stationery/stationary is which. These memory tricks are used by many good spellers to help them to remember which word to use.

how to Spell 'definitely'

Which is the correct spelling? The trouble with these multiple choice quizzes is you think you know the spelling then they throw in a spelling that looks so right, but by using memory tricks and strategies you can pick the correct one.
a. definately
b. definetely
c. definitely
d. definitly