stationary or stationery

stationary or stationery

In this lesson, we're going to look at memory tricks to remember which stationery/stationary is which. These memory tricks are used by many good spellers to help them to remember which word to use.

Which witch/which is which?

Which or witch?

These sound the same but spelled differently and mean different things - they're homophones.

Let's go over the meanings and patterns.


your & you're

In this lesson, we're looking at your and you're and the strategies to make sure you're using the right one when you're writing and proofreading your work.

to, too, two

It's easy to get confused about when to use to, too and two.

Watch the video, then read the info and then do the exercise.

there, their, they're

There, their, they're - notice they have the same sound but different spelling and meaning.