-ck and -ke endings

Which one is correct?
He was quacking with fear.
He was quaking with fear.

Letter Pattern Poem

Press the player above and listen to this famous anonymous poem about the strangeness of English spelling vs pronunciation.

Spelling the "f" sound

In this lesson and video we're looking at the different ways to spell the "f" sound and the rules and history behind it.

Watch the video below &/ or read on.

vowel sounds word contrasts

Click the player above to hear the vowel sounds word contrasts

Spelling tip number 4

Spelling Tip 4 Speaking vs Spelling

"If I improve the way I speak I'll be able to spell, right?" Wrong

Spelling vs Pronunciation

Spelling and Pronunciation - some important differences.

spelling for adults at how to spell

60% of English words have silent letters in them which can cause all sorts of problems with spelling and pronunciation.

Standard English

Something different and powerful from How to Spell