3 tricky -ent words

Use memory tricks and spelling strategies to help you remember three difficult -ent spellings: excellent, independent and different. They're easy to read but not so easy to spell.

How to spell "cemetery"

cematery, cemetary or cemetery?

Cemetery is a tricky word to spell but as soon as you learn a memory trick , or see all those e's you'll remember the spelling.

how to Spell 'definitely'

Which is the correct spelling? The trouble with these multiple choice quizzes is you think you know the spelling then they throw in a spelling that looks so right, but by using memory tricks and strategies you can pick the correct one.
a. definately
b. definetely
c. definitely
d. definitly

accept vs. except

In this lesson we're looking at two tricky words - accept and except we'll look at what they mean and the memory tricks to remember which to use.

your & you're

In this lesson, we're looking at your and you're and the strategies to make sure you're using the right one when you're writing and proofreading your work.

Spelling Tip number 10 - use it or lose it! Revision of the Spelling Tips

So you've watched all the videos but how much can you remember? Not much, a lot, nothing? That's natural, we forget stuff, remember from tip 3 you have to work at remembering things.

Spelling Strategies

Do you want to know how to remember
and learn difficult words?

Then start right now. Watch this video or read on.

Using memory tricks

Spelling tip number 5 - using memory tricks

Memory tricks are great to help you remember difficult spellings, or the bits of spelling you keep getting wrong.