-ant or -ent word search

Word searches help develop your visual memory - click, drag, highlight on the letters to make the word. It'll tell you if you are correct or not. Words are vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forwards, backwards......... Enjoy! Beat the clock! Can you do it in 10 minutes? Impossible!!!
* But some games won't play on tablets/phones.

-le word search

Exclusive for the Spelling Rules: to improve spelling & confidence course on udemy.com

Find the -le words. Drag and highlight, and it will tell you if the word is right. The words go horizontal, vertical, forwards and backwards. (If you can't see the crossword then click on the link)

Months word search

Find the months. They're vertical, diagonal, horizontal, forwards and backwards. Click on the first letter and drag and highlight the word. (Won't work on iPads/iphones - Apple not compatible with Flash!!!)

The Letter C

The letter C “is no letter at all” John Baret 1580.

The letter C is a problem letter that has been talked about over the centuries. (Watch the video and/or read on)