Shorty - magic 'e' silent 'e'

Read and notice the first column words have a short vowel sound, and the second column with the silent 'e' at the end have a long vowel sound.

Adding -ly

slowly, possibly, uneasily, lovely, gently, beautifully, basically, definitely

In this lesson we're looking at rules such as dropping or keeping the 'e' with ly, when there's a double l + ly, and changing y to i + ly

-ck and -ke endings

Which one is correct?
He was quacking with fear.
He was quaking with fear.

Spelling Rules Workbook

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Spelling Rules Workbook
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'y' to 'i' spelling rule

The 'y' to 'i' Spelling Rule
beauty → beautiful
happy → happiness
angry → angrily

write, writing, written, wrote

I'm writing to complain about the letter you wrote asking for information that I've already written to you about.

Top Ten Spelling Rules

Spelling Tip Number 9 - Knowing Spelling Rules

The Top Ten Spelling Rules