Spelling Tip number 10 - use it or lose it! Revision of the Spelling Tips

So you've watched all the videos but how much can you remember? Not much, a lot, nothing? That's natural, we forget stuff, remember from tip 3 you have to work at remembering things.

Top Ten Spelling Rules

Spelling Tip Number 9 - Knowing Spelling Rules

The Top Ten Spelling Rules

Spelling tip number 8 - do's & don'ts of spelling

Spelling Tip Number 8 - The Do's & Don'ts of Spelling
**do's and don'ts can also be spelled dos and don'ts

Syllable Breakdown

Spelling Tip 6 - using the spelling strategy syllable breakdown.

Using memory tricks

Spelling tip number 5 - using memory tricks

Memory tricks are great to help you remember difficult spellings, or the bits of spelling you keep getting wrong.

Spelling tip number 4

Spelling Tip 4 Speaking vs Spelling

"If I improve the way I speak I'll be able to spell, right?" Wrong