Words with the 'squ-' letter pattern.

square, squeeze, squalor, squad, squid, squash, squint, squirt, squawk, squeal, squirrel, squiggle, squeamish, squirm, squalid.

Type the answer in the box and then check the spelling by pressing the Get answer! button. Check the spelling carefully.

1: A small tree climbing animal with a big fluffy tail, seen in parks.

2: A team, a group, a football team.

3: Very dirty, untidy and unpleasant.

4: Trafalgar Squ____, Times Squ____, Red Squ_____ .

5: A little octopus.

6: Look at something with eyes nearly closed/ screw up your eyes to see something.

7: to argue in a noisy way about nothing important.

8: To make a loud high noise in pain or enjoyment.

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