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Word searches help develop your visual memory - click, drag, highlight on the letters to make the word. It'll tell you if you are correct or not. Words are vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forwards, backwards......... Enjoy! Beat the clock! Can you do it in 10 minutes? Impossible!!! Lots of word searches in the Letter Pattern section below.

Advanced Spelling
Difficult Words
Difficult Words 2
Common Spelling Mistakes
Common Misspellings
More Common Misspellings
Common errors made by native speakers
More common errors
formal, academic, words
formal, academic, words quiz 2
Common misspelled words quiz 1
Common misspelled words quiz 2
Common misspelled words quiz 3
Common misspelled words quiz 4
Irregular past tense quiz
Irregular plurals test
Word class grammar quiz
Read, remember and type game
Four letter word quiz!

Silent Letters
Silent Letters
Silent Letter Word Search

Punctuation & Spelling
Apostrophes for contractions
Apostrophes for contractions 2
Apostrophes for possession quiz

Language of Spelling
Questions about spelling
Language of spelling and grammar
Multi-choice and revision

Spelling Rules
Drop the 'e' or not
-ie- or -ei- quiz
Adding -ly
Drop the 'e' word search

Error Correction/Proofreading
Error Correction, Proof-reading information
Spot the mistakes on these tattoos (now with photos)
More mistakes on tattoos - video
Email error-correction & 2 classic mistakes
Spot the punctuation and spelling mistakes

More Prefixes
Prefixes - making opposites

-ary, -ery, -ory choose the right one
-ary, -ery, -ory
-ible or - able endings
-ible word search
Suffixes 1
Suffixes 2
-tion, -sion, -cian which one?
-tion, -sion, -cian word search
-ful word search

Homophones & confusing words
More Homophones
Lots More Homophones
They're, their, there
They're, their, there 2
Your or you're
Your or you're 2
Homophones wordle
are or our
of or off
were or where
Homophone photo quiz
quit, quite, quiet exercise
Which which/witch is which? (exercise at bottom of page)

Irregular Plurals
Irregular plurals quiz
Regular Plurals
More Regular Plurals
Irregular Plurals - Revision
Making Plurals from words ending in O
changing y to ies or s plural rule
-ies word search

Back to Basics

Numbers 1 - 10
Numbers 11 - 20
Numbers 20, 30, 40, 50...
Numbers Revision.
22, 33, 44, 55...
numbers 20-100 word search

Ordinal Numbers - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...
Writing ordinal numbers exercise
Ordinal Numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd...)Wordsearch

Days, Months, Seasons
Days of the Week
What day is it?
Days of the Week multi-choice
Days of the Week Puzzle
Days - missing vowels
Days - missing consonants
Days - multi-choice revision
*Days word search

Months of the Year
Months of the Year multi-choice
Months of the Year Puzzle
Months - multi-choice revision
Months - missing vowels
Months - missing consonants
Months game
Months word search

Seasons of the Year
Common time-of-day words
Revision - various words

Letter PatternsClick here to check out my Spelling Rules, Patterns & Strategies Masterclass
Letter Patterns with '-ight'
Letter Patterns with '-ui-'
-ary, -ery, -ory exercise
Letter Patterns with 'wor-'
Letter Patterns with 'squ-'
Letter Patterns with '-ea-'

consonant blend - br, gr, fr - word search
-ary word search*
-ery word search*
-ory word search*
-ious word search*
-ies word search*
-au- word search*
-ou- word search*
-ui- wordsearch*
-ea- letter pattern word search
-ough- letter pattern word search
-tion, -sion, -cian word search
words with the "sh" sound word search
the 'f' sound word search
hard 'g' word search

Guess the Word Game
Countries of the World
Towns and Cities in Britain
Brain-training- memory game
Anagram game - guess the word

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Some recent comments

Congratulations on the site, Joanne, it is terrific. I work in a free literacy scheme in Ireland and it helps my learners a tremendous amount. Cheers, Siobhan

What an amazing site. I work with pupils with ASN and you have given me a brilliant solution to help them. I am sitting at home planning for parents evening tomorrow and have found a solution for so many pupils. My spelling isn't great. I am thinking of registering for the lessons. Thank you Claire :-)

Hi there - have only just discovered your website and am finding it very useful indeed. I teach EFL and am also specialising in pronunciation for non-native English speakers. Thanks for all the free stuff ;-) Kind regards, Carrie

I have to do all of the quizzes on here for my TAFE course. Is there anyway I can print them off once they are completed as I have to print them off to show I have done them all to pass? Thanks. Ash (Just go to File then Print... And you should be able to print them.)

I would like to thank you for taking the time to make it easy for others to learn. Many thanks. Best regards, Fernando.

This is a sensational service. I'm an English teacher in Switzerland and signed up to see if your site was worth recommending to students- and indeed it is! I now pass on the link to my students. Jo

The emails are a great series. I've fed items through to instructors here. We've set up a spelling bee on the strength of them. Chris

I'm still learning your awesome how to spell lessons. Madam honestly I like your voice its so sweet and clear. Keep helping people because god give you special voice. About your website - outstanding I pray for you. Thank you, M.D.M

I really enjoyed this lesson, it was easy and i have learnt how to spell the "con" words now. Thank you very much. I.B.

Thank a million 4 for all good lessons & advice. Again & again thank you my dear. Parvin

Thank you for your emails. I have really enjoyed receiving them. I am an English teacher in Qatar and often refer my students to your site. I have all your emails saved for future use. We are planning to buy some of your materials/books. Best Regards, Susan

I really would like to say thanks for sending me all the great links and videos it has helped me a lot with my spelling, Paulina

Please keep the emails coming. I really like receiving them and learning from them. Thanks for all the hard work. It is much appreciated. Kind regards, Craig

Hello Joanne, thank you for providing me with how to spell e-mails. Please do not stop them coming. I look forward to receiving them. Thanks again, Deborah

Thank you so much for your help over the past year, I couldn't have got this far without your help. Can you believe that I am helping my 8 year old grandson with his spelling, it's a fantastic feeling. I still go on your site which I do quite often just to remind myself of all the different spelling rules - still away to go I think but I will get there. I am so pleased I came across your site it changed my life and gave me so much confidence which I thank you for.
So keep up the good work that you do and you deserve a medal. Kind regards, A.W.

I am your fan. When I was a hotshot kid I would PRO NOUNCE the word aloud or to myself (doesn't matter) the way it is spelled.i.e. "separately" always confounded me. So I taugt myself to say SEH PAR (rhymes with bar)- ATELY
The key phonetic syllable was PAR. Of course I never spoke it that way. Later I forgot this phonemic device. With my phonetic dyslexic daughter, we would invent stories using the spelling words we traveled to jungles there were heroes, and her spelling words along with color crayons and drawing paper. She ended up getting A's in spelling. The latter method I shall never forget. It belongs in a Separate place in my heart, Juan

Joanne, your spelling course has been amazing. I've found it extremely interesting. Thank-you so much, Kate :)

Really your lessons help me to improve my English. Thank you very much for your emails and your help. Sincerely
Ahmed, Morocco

Hey Joanne, First and foremost, I would like to say thank you so much Joanne. You are such a nice teacher. Really Joanne, you can teach, keep it up! I am getting enough knowledge from each of your lessons. Now I can write any word with confident. Please don't stop sending your lessons yours sincerely, F.

I have learned a lot from you, I will always remain grateful. Thank you once again, Olivia

Thanks Joanne One day at a time l will get there. Thank you a million times!!!! B.K.

Thanks for the informative mails. I'm a teacher and the info comes in handy in my teaching, Becky.

I keep all your emails and look forward to having time to learn. I need to say receiving, reading the emails helps me believe I am not the only adult with his back to the wall. At my age most people give up but just having your lessons assist me knowing there is professional help from people who care for the illiterate. I am sure many pupils will buy your education videos with or without sales tax. Please remember and never lose sight how much people like myself, who are able or unable to spell, appreciate your conviction to help others - your family must be very proud of you. Simon, Australia

I love your web site. I just took a spelling test on 'their and they're' and I love it that you gave a certificate as it gave me a lot of encouragement to do another test. Thank you! Sara. Try the test - click here

If you'd like to support How to Spell, please feel free to donate, no matter how small - every little helps! Thank you, Joanne.