Most of the lessons include a video & exercise. Scroll down for Spelling Rules, Top Ten Spelling Tips, Back to Basics (days, months and numbers), How Words are Built, Letter Patterns, Commonly Confused words (homophones), and much more.

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Top Ten Spelling Tips (to help you better understand spelling and stop you getting frustrated with it)
Spelling tip 1: Spelling vs. Reading
Spelling tip 2: Understand why English spelling is so confusing
Spelling tip 3: How to remember & stop forgetting spellings
Spelling tip 4: Spelling vs. Speaking
Spelling tip 5: Use memory tricks
Spelling tip 6: Use syllable breakdown
Spelling tip 7: Take an interest in words
Spelling tip 8: The do's and don'ts of spelling
Spelling tip 9: Knowing spelling rules (The Top Ten Spelling Rules)
Spelling tip 10: Use it or lose it! Revision of the Top Ten Spelling Tips

The Top 8 Spelling Strategies
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The Foundations
Spelling Strategies- to help you remember difficult spellings
Look Say Cover Write Check

How Words are Built
Building words with prefixes & suffixes part 1 - intro
Building words with prefixes & suffixes part 2 - prefixes
Building words with prefixes & suffixes part 3 - suffixes
Building words with prefixes & suffixes part 4 - the spelling rules

Some important language and terms to know
Long and short vowel sounds word contrasts
Glossary of terms/ language of spelling
What is Standard English?

Back to Basics Course
Module 1 - spelling days of the week
Module 2 - spelling months of the year
Module 3 - appointments & time of day
Module 4 - numbers 1 to 10
Module 5 - numbers 11 to 20
Module 6 - numbers 20+
Module 7 - ordinal numbers
How to spell ordinal numbers - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...
how to spell: forty

Spelling Rules
Why learning spelling rules is useful
Spelling rules quiz and why some rules are the way they are.
Magic 'e' Silent 'e'
Drop the 'e' Rule
The i before e Rule
1:1:1 doubling up rule
Silent Letters- the history & rules
The letter c
Adding all, full, till to words
The rules & spelling of write, writing, written, wrote
'y' to 'i' rule
The double 'l' spelling rule
-ck & -ke endings

Plural Rules information
y to ies or s plural rule
Adding -es plural rule
Making words ending in O plural
Plural -ves or -fs rule

Common Endings
Adding -ly
Only use full when full - adding -ful to words
Patterns & rules for words ending in -le
Words ending in -tion, -sion, -cian
Spelling words with -ible-or-able
-cial & -tial
Three tricky -ent words

Shorty Spelling Rules (revision videos)
Shorty magic 'e' silent 'e'
Shorty drop the 'e' with -ing
Shorty 1:1:1 doubling up rule
Shorty doubling up longer words
Shorty adding -es to words
Shorty adding -ful to words
Shorty changing 'y' to 'i' for happy
Short silent revision video on adding-ly

Letter Patterns
Letter patterns & word families
letter pattern poem- spelling v speaking
How to spell the "sh" sound
Words with the -gh- letter pattern
Why is there a 'w' in two?
One & once word family & pronunciation
spelling the 'f' sound

Commonly confused words + homophones
What are homophones?
there, they're, their
to, too, two
a lot of or lots of
of and off
lose and loose
"Will not = won't, why?"
quit, quite, quiet
though, through, thorough, thought
your & you're
accept and except
alright or all right?
Which which/witch is which?
stationary or stationery?

Common misspelled words
how to spell: definitely
how to spell: argument and separate
how to spell: forty
Three tricky -ent words (excellent, independent, different)

Spelling v Pronunciation
Spelling v pronunciation- letter pattern poem
Spelling tip number 4 - Spelling vs Speaking.

British vs. American Spellings
British v American Spellings - info & video
Why do Brits and Americans spell the same words differently? Guest video
-ise or -ize?

Punctuation - to help your spelling and writing
I am to I'm
Mr/Mrs or Mr./Mrs. - dot or no dot?
Why Punctuation is Important 1
Why Punctuation is Important 2
Using capital letters
Apostrophes 1 - contractions/short forms
Apostrophes 2 - possession
Using apostrophes in single digit numbers and letters
Over-the-shoulder videos with exercises and lessons on commas, apostrophes and QTS teacher training practice papers
The Comma a Tiny but Powerful Tool by Patrick Cole

Videos from Oxford Dictionary
The # and @ symbols
The dollar, pound and yen symbols

Expert Spelling Advice from Joanne Rudling - my blog on Ultimate Spelling website
Quick lesson on memory and the brain

Other videos/podcasts
Using memory aids to remember spelling
Misspelled words memory tricks by Gelene Marie
The Inside Story of English Spelling by Paquita Boston- guest podcast
Spelling for Life by Lyn Stone - guest podcast
Silent letters pronunciation
History of English in 10 minutes
*Video - Why we need to fail by Derek Sivers
*Video - It's a good day to make mistakes - the perfectionism cure

Word Endings by Johanna Stirling (PowerPoint presentation)

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How to Learn and Remember New Word by Nick Cowan
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Ways to Organize your Workspace (infographic) by Emily Johnson
Useful Spelling and Writing Apps by Sally Sonderson
Do you Make These Common Mistakes in English? by Lynn Usrey
Too clever to spell by Jessica Salter Telegraph article

Writing skills
Using Morning Pages to Improve Your Writing by Dina Indelicato
7 Best Writing Tools by Mary Walton
13 Useful Tools to Improve Your Writing by Lesley Vos
10 Free Resources for Improving Your Grammar and Writing Skills by Maria Castle
Tips and Tricks for Writing a Perfect Essay by Kiara Halligan
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Proofreading corner
Proofreading – do we really need to do it? by Gerard Armstrong
Editing and Proofreading: What is the difference? by Margaret Reid
Common Writing Mistakes that Spell Check Won't find by Kelly Smith
5 Steps to Proofreading and Editing Like a Pro by Lesley Vos
8 Useful Tips on Editing Your Writing by Lois Weldon

Joanne Rudling interviewed by Little London Magazine How to Help Your Child Learn to Spell
How technology is influencing education in the 21st century by Alma Causey
How teaching in classrooms is evolving to teach social responsibility to kids by Alma Causey
5 Pieces of Technology Our Homeschool Couldn't Do Without by Annabelle Fee
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How to Keep Your Cooped-Up Kid Engaged and Learning Online When the Rain is Falling by Jenny Wise
Guidelines for Parents to Help Your Child Talk About Their School Day by Sam Evans
Benefits of Coding for Kids by Holly Clark

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Most people think English spelling is crazy and illogical. It's true there are irregular spellings because it includes lots of words from other languages.

The good news - there are rules, patterns and reasons why some words are spelled the way they are. So it's important to start taking an interest in words, the history, see the patterns and rules, and gain confidence in your spelling. And then you'll learn to love it.

Spelling matters. We need to write emails, application forms, Facebook, Twitter, course work, work reports, and helping your children. You need to be able to spell correctly to get your meaning across so people can understand you.

Using a good dictionary and the spellchecker on the computer can help but it won't help with homophones (same sound, different spelling and meaning: there,their, they're, to, too, two, been, bean.) Or silent letters

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