Do these spelling tests and really improve your spelling. These can also help your reading by listening and reading along.

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*Don't forget to check your punctuation too - the full stops, commas, question marks and the capital letters. Remember punctuation is there to help the reader understand your message. (Check out the punctuation lessons in the Lessons section)

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Spelling rules tests
Drop the 'e' rule
Magic 'e' Silent 'e'
1:1:1 doubling up rule
i before e
-f/-ff to -ves or s
Adding -es
Adding all, full, till test
The letter C
-ful suffix
-ck & -ke pairs
words ending in -le

Back to Basics (important words you need for life and work)
Time of day
Days of the week


Suffix endings
-ible & -able
-tion, -sion, -cian

Letter patterns
"sh" words
-ui- words

Tricky words
silent letters
though, thought, thorough, through
accept and except

your or you're
there, their, they're

Quick classic one word spelling tests
These words are the most common misspelled words according to the Oxford Dictionary
Misspelled words - letter a
Misspelled words - letter b
Misspelled words - letter c
Misspelled words - letters d - e
Misspelled words - letter f
Misspelled words - letters g - h
Misspelled words - letters i -k
Misspelled words - letters l - o
(More coming soon)

Can you spell these words that trainee teachers have to spell in an online exam?
QTS gap fill
QTS spelling test 1
QTS spelling test 2
QTS spelling test 3
QTS spelling test 4
QTS spelling test 5
QTS spelling test 6
(QTS means Qualified Teacher Status)