Press the player above and write the spellings you hear. I'll say the spellings quickly then again slowly. Have you got some paper and a pen ready?


Answers - check your spellings letter by letter and correct the mistakes and ask yourself if you can use any strategies or memory tricks to help you spell the word.

1. immediately (She decided to leave immediately.)
ends with -ely
immediate + ly

2. incidentally (That £10bn price tag, incidentally, is more than it would cost to build the Panama Canal today.)
ends with -ally
incidental + ly

3. independent (Seek independent legal advice before entering into an agreement.)
ends with -ent
notice all the e's in de pen dent

4. interrupt (Please don't interrupt her while she's working.)
two rs inter + rupt

5. irresistible (He found the delicious-looking cakes irresistible.)
ends with -ible
resistible (see the 2 i's) res i st i ble

6. knowledge (Her knowledge of English grammar is very extensive.)
remember the "d" know + ledge
know, knowing, knowable, knowledge, knowledgeable, acknowledge, acknowledgement