Press the player above and write the spellings you hear. I'll say the spellings quickly then again slowly. Have you got some paper and a pen ready?

spelling tests

Answers - check your spellings letter by letter and correct the mistakes and ask yourself if you can use any strategies or memory tricks to help you spell the word.


1. familiar (Their faces will be familiar to many of you)
ends with -iar family - change the y to iar famil+iar with -iar

2. finally (I'm finally learning how to spell) final + ly

3. fluorescent (A fluorescent jacket must be worn at all times) begins with flu + or + es + cent

4. foreign (I need some foreign currency)
e before i

5. foreseeable (The situation is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future)
begins with fore + see+ able

6. forty (The number forty. I'm forty)
Memory trick four, fourteen but U can't be forty

7. forward ( I look forward to hearing from you.)
begins with for- forward

8. friend (I'm seeing my friend of Friday)
i before e fri + end friend Fri day

9. further ( Further information is available from the secretary.)
begins with fur-

If you use any memory tricks to remember how to spell these words let me know.