Press the player above and write the spellings you hear. I'll say the spellings quickly then again slowly. Have you got some paper and a pen ready?


Answers - check your spellings letter by letter and correct the mistakes and ask yourself if you can use any strategies or memory tricks to help you spell the word.

1. definitely (My spelling is definitely getting better)
= de + finite + ly
Can you see the two i's? definitely def in it ely

2. dilemma (I'm in a bit of a dilemma over whether to tell them or not.)
Use the word-within-a-word memory trick: "Emma is in a dilemma" dil + emma

3. disappear (They're getting on my nerves I wish they'll disappear.)
= prefix + root word = dis + appear = disappear

4. disappoint (I hate to disappoint you, but the cake's all gone.)
= prefix + root word = dis + appoint = disappoint

5. ecstasy (There was a look of ecstasy on his face when he'd finished the chocolate.)
Ends with –sy. Notice the two s's - ecstasy

6. embarrassed (He gets embarrassed so easily.)
two rs, two s’s
Use a memory trick - I've got 2 Red cheeks because I'm too Shy Shy.

7. environment (In this competitive environment a business needs to be flexible.)
n before the m environ+ ment - iron in the environment

8. existence (Families struggle to eke out an existence in this harsh environment.)
ends in -ence
exist, existent - existence. Notice all the e's.To eke out an existence

If you have any memory tricks you use to help you spell these words let me know.