Learning spelling rules is useful!

Some people say don't teach or learn spelling rules because they're complicated and there are so many exceptions to remember blah blah blah! BUT the big positive thing about learning spelling rules is they can explain why certain letter patterns occur and why a word is spelt (spelled AmE) the way it is.

OK, you might forget the rule but see the spelling pattern. It might take you a few goes at remembering the rules of spelling but it's worth it.

People say spelling is chaotic - it's not. It's complicated yes, but there are regularities with it and it can be learnt (learned AmE). And one way is through learning spelling rules, which is one strategy among many, and it adds another layer to your spelling knowledge.

There are some simple reliable rules like adding -es to words ending in s, ss,ch, x, z for plurals and third person 's'.
I have a box. / I have six boxes
She has a business. / She has two businesses.
I watch TV / He/She/it watches TV.

-es was added to words to stop 3 s's being together and to aid reading.

Also "drop the 'e' with ing" rule is easy to remember because we use it with so many common words.
When we add -ing to words ending in 'e' we drop the 'e'
write - writing
making - making
have - having
solving, managing, using...

There are some very simple common-sense exceptions with some less common words -
we keep the 'e' in
singe + ing = singeing (means scorching because if we drop the 'e' we get not singing)
whinge – whingeing. Stressing the soft “g” (if we drop the 'e' it'd be winging)
binge - bingeing (not binging)
tinge – tingeing (not tinging)
dye - dyeing (not dying)

Both spellings are correct in: queue - queueing or queuing and cue - cueing or cuing

Keep the ‘e’ with
be - being (or it would be bing), eyeing,
Keep the 'e' with double 'e' words
seeing, agreeing,
foresee – foreseeing, flee - fleeing,
guarantee – guaranteeing, referee – refereeing

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