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Spelling Rules Course app Use your phone to learn spelling and really improve it every day with
→ daily misspelled word exercises
→ short videos on the rules
→ quick video spelling tests
→ quick revision reads

spelling app 6.99 monthly subscription.
spelling app Android Available soon.

There is a web/laptop/computer version of this course, which you can use on your phone too, for a one-off lifetime payment £24.99/$32. Click here to find out more.

Spelling doesn't just happen — you can't read about it and expect to spell a word, especially tricky words. Spelling is harder than reading because it involves so many variables.

Spelling is like any subject that's worth learning, it needs to be studied, worked on and used. And the only way to do this, is if you've got an easy way to access this information, an easy way to study and practice (AmE)/practise (BrE) spelling. And that's why I've developed the Spelling Rules Course app for your phone and tablet. It includes quick video lessons, spelling test videos, and daily misspelled word workouts and tests.

Check the video below on using memory tricks to remember three tricky -ent words that are often misspelled:

The Course
The course is divided into relevant sections, and each section builds on the last one. Revision sections are included to consolidate and revise your learning. There's also a daily workout section on the most misspelled words in English.

All the lessons have a video and PDF information worksheet, and if relevant, a spelling test video and exercise.
Some of the rules:
Magic 'e' Silent 'e'
Drop the 'e'
1:1:1 Doubling up Rule
Adding -ly
Plural Rules
The 'y' to 'i' Rule
-tion, -cian, -sion
Drop the i
-k, -ck, ke, -ic
-le Words
Vowel Patterns
Consonant Patterns
Silent Letter Rules
Prefixes and Suffixes
Punctuation in Spelling
Spelling Strategies
American vs. British Spelling
Daily misspelled words workout
And much much more.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

How is this different from this website?

I just had an email from someone who asked about my new app and whether it's different to the stuff on this website.

The content on this website is free. The content on the app is different, newer, with new rules and patterns, and more focussed on improving your spelling in a step by step way by having video lessons with linked tests, exercises, quick revision reads and PDFs. It's also developed for phones and tablets so the layout is fresher, newer. And people love their phones so is ideal for them.

My website is getting a bit old now and in need of a facelift but there's still valuable lessons and exercises on here if people don't want to subscribe to an app or one of my other courses!

You can download the app without committing to the small monthly fee and see what you think. I really like it and am still making new lessons for it. I can also do individual spelling tests and exercises for people who subscribe and find certain spellings or patterns difficult.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.