~Click here to watch the Look Say Cover Write Check video~

In Module 1 you’re going to:
• learn the difference between spelling and pronunciation of days,
learn all about ways and strategies to remember the spelling of days,
spell days with confidence, and spell them correctly,
use Look Say Cover Write Check method to learn spellings you find difficult.

Spelling days correctly is important for your life. We need days for notes, for booking appointments, for sending emails and confirming dates etc.

You can use a spell check but if you have to spend valuable minutes trying to figure out the first few letters to type in then you’ll get angry with yourself and feel stupid and awful.

To really learn spelling you have to work at it so take a few minutes every day and work on this course and workbook.









One way to learn how to spell words is to use the Look Say Cover Write Check method. Watch the video and download the Look Say Cover Write form -

Click here to do some days of the week exercises

Type the days of the week in the box. Then check the spelling by pressing the Get answer! button. Check the spelling carefully. Don't forget the capital letter at beginning of the word.

1: M________

2: T___________

3: W__________

4: T_______________

5: F__________

6: S_____________

7: S___________

Spelling Tests

You can press the player above, or you can just write the days of the week from Monday and check the spellings above.

Very important words for appointments, your diary, meetings etc.

Press the player above, write what you hear, and after check your spellings carefully.
Then assess your mistakes and ask yourself what strategies you can use to help you remember the words.


1. today
2. tomorrow
3. yesterday
4. morning
5. afternoon
6. evening
7. tonight
8. last night
9. next weekend
10. tomorrow morning

Module 2 - spelling months of the year - click here

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