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The British version focuses on KS2 curriculum requirements year 5 and 6.
The American version is based on the British curriculum and is for 5th graders or ages 10-11.

spelling rules and patterns for ages 10-11 KS2 For British English. Spelling Rules and Patterns for Ages 10-11: to learn, improve & have fun with spelling and writing. Available from amazon.co.uk

spelling patterns and rules for 5th grade For American English. Spelling Patterns and Rules for 5th Graders: To learn, improve & have fun with spelling and writing. Available amazon.com

This colourful/colorful, fun book is ideal for kids (including dyslexics) who are struggling with spelling and phonics by systematically focusing on areas that other spelling books and schemes ignore:
→ improving visual memory,
→ using memory tricks,
→ noticing letter patterns,
→ knowing spelling rules & exceptions,
→ building words with prefixes and suffixes,
→ understanding the history of spelling and why spelling is the way it is.

Using a combination of well-known, proven literacy techniques and spelling strategies, this book will help kids learn, remember, and improve their spellings while reinforcing and building:
• spelling knowledge,
• confidence,
• love of spelling and writing.

The book is a great resource for teachers and tutors, too, because it explains why these "tricky" spellings are the way they are, including the rules and history of them - so you can answer those awkward questions about them. The book also provides some great ideas for exercises, group work, and games in the classroom.

Here's a free chapter from my spelling book (PDF).

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Joanne Rudling interviewed by Little London Magazine How to Help Your Child Learn to Spell


I love it, Joanne. So easy to use. All the rules I need in one easy book. You are a wonder. Thank you again, Joyce (USA)

Maria Parada (US teacher) We definitely need this type of program for students. We currently do not have a spelling program in our district. Some teachers teach spelling, unfortunately most do not. I am the type of learner that needs to understand why something is the way it is. I really only got that from your program. I appreciate you so MUCH! Many students needs to know why spelling is the way it is, and not just memorize words.

Good morning Joanne hope you are well. I just got your book and I want to CONGRATULATE YOU. It is wonderful
Things I loved:
1. Graphics
2. Kid friendly
3. Size is not overwhelming for student
4. Explanations of rules
5. Exercise for kids to complete are well thought out
6. Fill in charts are super
7. Picture art
8. Vowels in color
9. Word search puzzles
10 grouping words by pattern
You did an amazing job!!!

From Jessica and Roman McA. My son didn't lose concentration and worked for 20 mins without one single complaint. He really liked the word searches. He said writing sentences and drawing pictures was fun. He also liked filling in the missing letters, which I think is a brilliant way of really taking in the sequence of the letters. Roman scored really well on the tests, which is pretty good considering he hates spelling!

After trying lots of different books for my granddaughter, this is the one she enjoys the most and understands the rules and patterns much easier than the rest. The design of the books are wonderful and easy to learn from. Great work and thank you. Darren Johnson (UK)

This comprehensive treatment of the techniques for spelling excellence is an extremely valuable tool for anyone who is instructing students. It makes the learning process fun as well. Frank Garafola (USA)