Spelling books for kids

→Scroll down to see the Spotting Vowels video, and free PDF; and the Words-Within-Words video.

← (British English) Spelling Rules and Memory Tricks for Ages 8-9: To learn & improve KS2 spelling and vocabulary

→ (American English)
Spelling Tricks and Rules for 3rd-4th Graders: To Learn, Improve, & Have Fun with Spelling

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The British book is based on the UK curriculum for this age group. The American book follows this curriculum too because there isn't a standard curriculum in the US.

Spotting Vowels PDF download
For the British version - click here
For the American version - click here

→ Seeing Words Within Words is another great spelling strategy to help you remember the tricky bits in words. Watch the video below.

Key Words — Statutory Words to Learn (For UK only, KS2)
Word Study
Using Memory Tricks to Remember Your Spelling
Word Art and Drawing Pictures
Spotting Vowels
Words within Words
Remembering Which Homophone is Which
Building Words with Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
Prefix Rules and Exceptions
Spelling Rules
Drop the ‘e’
Adding -ly to Words
-ar Endings
The Doubling Up Rules — When and Why
Adding -es to words
-tion, -sion, -cian

Joanne Rudling (from howtospell.co.uk) interviewed by Little London Magazine How to Help Your Child Learn to Spell