Press the player. I say the words quickly to begin with then slowly.

silent letters


1. Wednesday (The day after Tuesday is Wednesday)
2. autumn (The season after summer is autumn)
3. sign (Can you see the traffic sign?)
4. tonight (I'll see you tonight.)
5. building (That building is being demolished soon.)
6. guess (If you don't know just guess.)
7. white (I need a white shirt for work.)
8. listen (Listen carefully!)
9. knock (Please knock loudly!)
10. know (I hope you know all these.)
11. thumb (My thumb hurts.)
12. doubt (I doubt it'll be sunny all summer.)
13. talk (Talk to me.)
14. walk (I walk to work every day.)
15. half (Split this in half.)
16. write (I need to write an email tomorrow)
17. wrinkles (Stop frowning or you'll get wrinkles.)
18. wrong (I hope you're wrong about that.)