Read and notice the first column words have a short vowel sound, and the second column with the silent 'e' at the end have a long vowel sound.

short vowel sound / long vowel sound
tap / tape
plan / plane
quit / quite
slim / slime
hop / hope
us / use
them / theme
breath / breathe
hug / huge
rag / rage
cop / cope
envelop / envelope
shin / shine
sit / site
cub / cube
grip / gripe
twin / twine
snip / snipe
bath / bathe
cap / cape
rat / rate
not / note
hat / hate
din / dine
dim / dime
bit / bite
pet / Pete
Tim / time
Sid / side
kit / kite
fin / fine
spin /spine

That's why it's called the magic 'e'! Even though it's silent it makes a huge difference to the meaning and sound of words. So be careful with this little "magic" letter.

But there are always exceptions with spelling rules. Let's have a look at some words that have an 'e' at the end but aren't magic and have a short sound: have, give, live, love, above, glove, come, some, gone

Can you see that most end in -ve? That's because centuries ago they didn't like words ending in v because if they doubled up the v in the 1:1:1 doubling up rule it would look like w (havving, givving) so they added an 'e' to the words.

But there is a long sound in gave, save, clove, live, live wire, alive. But to live (the verb) is short: I live by the sea and seeing it makes me feel alive.

Make some sentences with the words.

What time is Tim coming?
I hope Pete doesn't bring his pet tarantula.
She built a kite from a kit she got from the internet.
I took a bite of the cake and a bit of my tooth broke off.
When kiwi fruit are ripe you can easily rip the skin off them easily.

Now try this exercise magic 'e' silent 'e' exercise

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