Add -es to words ending in s, ss, sh, ch, x, z to make plurals and third person verbs (he she it)
I have 3 watches. (plural)
She/He/It watches TV every morning. (Third person verb)

bus - buses
gas - gases
address - addresses
business - businesses
press - presses
dress - dresses
loss - losses
floss - flosses
boss - bosses
cross - crosses
trash - trashes
crash - crashes
wash - washes
wish - wishes
dish - dishes
fish - fishes
varnish - varnishes
bench - benches
peach - peaches
watch - watches
batch - batches
pitch - pitches
itch - itches
reach - reaches
teach - teaches
box - boxes
fox - foxes
fix - fixes
mix - mixes
tax - taxes
wax - waxes
waltz - waltzes
quiz - quizzes *

*Notice quizzes also has the 1:1:1 doubling up rule. Can you remember that from the last shorty lesson? So we have 1 syllable (quiz) + 1 vowel (i) next to 1 end consonant (z) so double up the z There are two vowels but remember because q is always with u so is qu classed as one consonant sound.

Now write some sentences like these
He washes and waxes his car every weekend.
She has three businesses and pays lots of taxes.
He fixes old wooden boxes.
She watches loads of quizzes on TV.

But like all spelling rules there are always exceptions to the rule.
If the -ch ending is pronounced with a "k" sound, you add -s not -es:
stomach - stomachs
epoch - epochs

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