More Homophones
Lots More Homophones
They're, their, there
They're, their, there 2
Your or you're
Your or you're 2
were or where
Homophones wordle
Homophones quiz
were or where
new quit, quite, quiet exercise

Letter Patterns
Word searches are great for developing your visual memory (if these don't show on your computer there are links to the ProProfs quiz site so you can do them)
Letter Patterns with '-ight'
Letter Patterns with '-ui-'
-ary, -ery, -ory exercise
Letter Patterns with '-ight'
Letter Patterns with 'wor-'
Letter Patterns with 'squ-'
-ary word search
-ery word search
-ory word search
-ious word search
-ies word search
-au- word search
-ou- crossword
-ui- wordsearch
-ui- crossword
-ea- letter pattern wordsearch(hard!)
-ough- letter pattern wordsearch (hard!)
-tion, -sion, -cian word search
words with the "sh" sound word search
the 'f' sound word search

Irregular Plurals
new game Irregular plurals quiz
Regular Plurals
More Regular Plurals
Irregular Plurals - Revision
Making Plurals from words ending in O
changing y to ies or s plural rule

Now try a spelling test
"sh" words
-ui- words

Homophones spelling tests
your or you're
there, their, they're

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