Abbreviations Quiz

Test your knowledge of contractions/short forms: I'm = I am, she's = she has or she is, it's = it is or it has, I'll = I will, they're = they are, we've = we have.

1. What is the long form of "It's raining"?
a) It has
b) It is
c) It have

2. What is the long form of "It's arrived"?
a) It is
b) It has
c) It have

3. "I'll help you" means...
a) I will
b) I won't
c) I was

4. He won't do his homework.
a) He was not
b) He would not
c) He will not

5. We've finished the quiz now.
a) We has
b) We have
c) We is

Press the Answers button and a pop up will appear of your results (make sure you allow pop ups for this exercise)

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