There are some letter patterns which occur very often. Good spellers are able to recognise these easily. For example: words with right, light, flight, though, cough, guide, guilty.

It doesn't matter if the pattern makes a different sound in different words. The purpose is to develop your visual memory for what looks right.

Type the right -ight word in the box and then check the spelling by pressing the Get answer! button. Check the spelling carefully.

Use the following words: flight, fright, delight, slight, height, night, right, bright.

1: Not left but _________ .

2:The staff worked very late last __________ .

3: My __________ from Heathrow is in the morning.

4:The loud bang made me jump in _________.

5: Can I have a discount, there's a ______ mark on this T-shirt?

6: The light is too __________, can you close the curtains?

7: What's the _______ of this wardrobe, will I be able to get it through the door?

8: My eye_______ is poor that's why I wear glasses.

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