Spelling consultation and 1:1 lessons

If you'd like a one-to-one tutorial, lesson, consultation with me, Joanne Rudling, by Skype or Facetime, then check out the three 1:1 options below.

1. Decide which 1:1 lesson you would like (see list below).
2. Press the Book Appointment button below → choose the service → click on Joanne Rudling → select date.
3. Then pay by Paypal by pressing the Paypal button below.

Book an appointment with How to Spell using SetMore
Then pay by Paypal

30 minute Spelling Consultation - £15. Discuss your spelling needs & worries. We'll discuss all your concerns and worries about spelling. Then discuss strategies to help you and the next step forward.

QTS spelling support - £25. (For UK trainee teachers to get individual help with the spelling literacy test. Help with punctuation too.)