Spelling consultation and 1:1 lessons

It's never too late to improve spelling.

I have taught spelling for over 20 years and I understand the frustration and embarrassment that people have when they can't spell well. I've worked with people who have businesses, people who would like to write a blog or book, and people who need to improve spelling for work and training.

Many people have a good or fair education and read well but spelling lets them down. I'm here for you, so don't be embarrassed or afraid to admit you need spelling help. No matter which one you book, you'll gain a whole load of spelling confidence, some spelling strategies, and a boost to your self-esteem — I promise.

If you'd like a one-to-one (one-on-one) tutorial, lesson, consultation with me, Joanne Rudling, by Skype or Facetime, then check out the three options below.

30 minute Spelling Consultation - £15. Discuss your spelling needs & worries. We'll discuss all your concerns and worries about spelling. Then discuss strategies to help you and the next step forward.
60 minute Spelling Lesson - £25. We'll discuss and work on your spelling in depth.

1. Press the Book Appointment button below → choose the service → click on Joanne Rudling
2. Book the appointment on my Setmore calendar page and then pay by Square (bank card needed).

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