Press the player above and write what you hear. When you've finished check your spelling letter by letter - ask yourself

  • What mistakes did I make?
  • Can I use any strategies to help me remember the spellings, such as: memory tricks, syllable breakdown, word within a word?

  • spelling tests


    1. calendar (Check the day it's taking place on your calendar.)
    Can you see the vowels? a___e___a cal en dar

    2. Caribbean ( They're going on a Caribbean cruise next week.)
    Carib + bean - Carib is the chocolate bean = Caribbean

    3. cemetery (She was buried in the local cemetery)
    Notice all the "e's" cem e tery
    Memory trick: Cover with earth in a cemetery

    4. chauffeur (not a very common word but important if you're a chauffeur) (He's a chauffeur and drives people around all day.)

    5. colleague col + league (My colleague is on maternity leave so I'm covering for her.)
    col + league = colleague

    6. coming (Are you coming to the pub later?)
    come + drop the e with -ing = coming

    7. committee (There's a committee meeting on Tuesday)
    Memory trick: Many Meetings Take Time Everyone's Exhausted

    8. completely ( Defrost it completely)
    complete + ly = completely
    Also: complete, completed, completing, completeness, completion

    9. conscious (He was suddenly conscious of everyone looking at him.)
    We say "con shush" - the 'sci' makes a "sh" sound
    con + sci + ous
    Also: consciously, conscientious, conscientiousness, self-conscious, semi-conscious, fashion-conscious

    10. curiosity (Curiosity got the better of me, so I called him)
    curio + sity = curiosity or curious drop the "u" + ity = curiosity
    Also: curious, curiously