When you've finished check your spelling letter by letter - ask yourself

  • What mistakes did I make?
  • Can I use any strategies to help me remember the spellings, such as: memory tricks, syllable breakdown, word within a word?

  • spelling test


    1. basically (The book is basically a love story)
    When a word ends in -ic add -ally basic + ally = basically

    2. beginning (Start at the beginning!)
    The 1:1:1 doubling up rule applies to this when the last syllable is stressed beGIN double up the 'n' beginner, beginning

    3. believe (I believe you can spell well if you work on your spelling.)
    i before e except after c rule
    Use the word within a word strategy " never believe a lie"
    Also: believer, believes, believable, believing, (drop the 'e' with -able and -ing)

    4. bizarre (He's a really bizarre character)
    biz + ar + re = bizarre
    Also: bizarrely

    5. business (She has a computer software business.)
    busy (change the y to i) busi + ness = business
    Also: businesses, businessman, businesswomen