Press the player above. When you've finished check your spelling letter by letter - ask yourself

  • What mistakes did I make?
  • Can I use any strategies to help me remember the spellings, such as: memory tricks, syllable breakdown, word within a word?

  • how to spell teacher training


    1. accommodation (There's a lack of cheap accommodation in London.)
    memory trick - 2 Cots with 2 Mattresses
    Also: accommodate, accommodating (drop the 'e' with -ing rule)

    2. achieve ( I want to achieve great things.)
    i before e except after c rule
    Also: achievement, achieving (drop the 'e' with -ing rule)

    3. across (There's a bus stop just across the road.)
    a + cross = across

    4. aggressive (He's so aggressive in meetings.)
    ggr!!! ss
    Also: aggression, aggressor

    5. apparently (Apparently, she resigned because she had an argument with her boss.)
    Can you see the parent in apparently? ap + parent + ly = apparently
    Also: apparent

    6. appearance (The twins are almost identity in appearance.)
    ap + pear + ance = appearance appearance
    Also: appear, appearing, appeared

    7. argument (I had an argument with my boss yesterday.)
    argue + ment (drop the 'e') = argu+ment = argument
    Memory trick: Think of gum when you chew on an argument arGUMent
    Also: argumentative, arguing, argued

    8. assassination (There was an assassination attempt on the president today.)
    ass + ass + in + ation or 4 words in ass + ass + i + nation
    Also: assassin, assassinate