Thinking smiling woman with spelling questions

Do you get annoyed with yourself when you can't remember spellings, words, names?

It's very useful to know how the brain and memory work because then:
1: you won't get annoyed because you've forgotten things
2: you'll understand how we forget/remember things
3: you'll know how to remember things.

When we learn or hear new things, or are given instructions, we store them in our short-term memory. Unfortunately, we tend to forget them within seconds/minutes, sometimes a few hours, days or weeks. That's normal. This is also the reason why eyewitnesses can be unreliable.

To remember something important we need to store it in our long-term memory. To do this we must keep going over the thing we want to remember, keep referring to it, practise it and use it.

So to improve spelling we have to keep practising constantly and use the words.

Don't beat yourself up if you can't remember things. We don't need to remember everything, sometimes we want to forget things.

To remember something - revise, repeat, use it.

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