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How to Improve Your Spelling Skills Having Fun by Hugh Beaulac

No matter what the reason for improving your spelling skills is, whether writing better business emails, creating a better impression, gaining confidence in writing social media comments, you need to keep on polishing these skills.

It goes without saying that honing spelling skills requires a lot of time and effort, but what if you could make the process more interesting?

So, let's go straight to a list of ways on how to improve spelling skills while having fun!

Crosswords and Puzzles
For a variety of reasons, spelling crosswords, puzzles and word searches are a surefire way to get you engaged with spelling.

They make you think about spelling, practice spelling, and help you develop your visual memory.

• Word searches - -ary word search
• Unscramble puzzles: use given letters to make up a word. For example, W-R-A-L-I-E-C-O-F-U-L means cauliflower. Try this one - Anagram game
Days anagram
• Silent letter crossword: fill in the words with the correct spelling to solve the crossword Silent Letter Crossword

Doing games, crosswords, word searches helps you to put into practice all the spelling rules, strategies, and memory tricks that you've been learning on this website - click here to go to loads more games, puzzles, word searches and exercises

Mnemonic (memory trick) Techniques
If you know about the power of memory tricks, you might know that they work well. Mnemonic techniques also help to memorize frequently misspelled words and find link words to learn the correct spelling.
• Never believe a lie.
• Emma faced a dilemma.
• That liar looks familiar.
• Miss Pell never misspells.
• Please keep quiet about my diet.

Memory prompts help people memorize faster, and even though most mnemonics sound funny, they work for those who want to remember spellings, and hone spelling skills.

Click here to learn more about using mnemonics and memory tricks to help you remember how to spell words.

Spelling Quizzes
Quizzes help to test gaps in knowledge and improve the transfer of knowledge to new contexts. Moreover, they bring fun and encourage learners.
• Common misspelled words quizzes. Try this one - The Guardian quiz.
(And then look at the lesson on memory tricks to help you remember some of these words. Then try this quiz - Misspelled words quiz.)
• Spell what you hear (American spellings) Merriam-Webster Dictionary quiz
• Spot a misspelled word Spelling Quiz from the Telegraph

Most quizzes are quick, and you don't need much time to do them. Thus, it's an actionable way to distract from the work/educational process and learn something!

Play Word Games
The more often you use the word, the better you'll be able to spell it correctly. And gamification has become a proven educational tool that keeps students engaged, so it works well.
Here are some word games to master your spelling skills:
• Wonderwords - Wonderwords word searches
• Word round - Word Round
• Scrabble/Words with Friends phone app - Words with Friends (Play with Joanne username - JoRud)
• Up & Down Words USA Today Up & Down Words

Games are not just about wasting time when you're bored; they teach a lot if you know how to make the most out of them

The Final Note
Improving spelling skills is essential as it allows you to become more confident and, therefore, achieve success in life. If you have some interesting ways to hone these skills, then let me know by using the Contact Us form above.

The Author:
Hugh Beaulac is a writer who runs MC2 blog and contributes to various websites to share his knowledge and experience. He wants to become a better writer to hook and keep his audience's attention, so Hugh keeps on improving his skills. Contact him on Twitter