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SPELLING_RULES_WORKBOOK-2 spelling strategies & secrets book <img alt= spelling lessonsPunctuation_Guide_and_Workbook-4 For trainee UK teachers spelling for teachers

For kids ↓ Or click here for more information about British and American versions of my spelling book for kids.
-spelling rules and patterns for ages 10-11 KS2   spelling patterns and rules for 5th grade
For British English.     For American English.

spelling for 8-9-year-olds For more info about this spelling book for 8-9-year-olds, click here

2. For 1:1 spelling lessons with Joanne Rudling click here

3. Online self-study spelling courses

Spelling Rules Course app (Use your phone to learn spelling and really improve it every day with daily misspelled word exercises, short videos on the rules, quick spelling tests and quick revision reads.)
spelling app spelling app
Click here for more information about the app courses
Spelling Rules: to improve spelling & confidence at - click here (one-time payment for each course)
How to Punctuate your Spelling on

Or The Rules of English Spelling Course, Beginner's Guide to Punctuation Course, ESL Spelling Strategies Course on my page - click here (small monthly fee to access all courses)

Hi Joanne, I love the way your course is now. I wanted to let you know I have been doing your program with my students. I use the videos that fit your patterns - the kids loved YOUR VOICE. All the parents loved it last year. I have great news - when my kids were tested in the fourth grade, my students showed the most growth in their writing. I had parents crying with joy. Thank you. Maria, USA

how to spell spelling

Spelling Rules Workbook
a step-by-step guide to the rules of English spelling
(suitable for British and American users)

spelling rules


Using this Spelling Rules Workbook gives you an instant "hit" of spelling knowledge.

  • You'll be able to use this knowledge to work out a spelling.
  • You'll know why certain 'strange' letter patterns occur.
  • You'll know why some words are spelt the way they are.
  • You'll know the few exceptions to the rule.
  • You'll see the difference between British and American spellings

  •  spelling rules

    It's a paperback - you'll be able to read it anywhere, especially before bed, or during ad breaks, lunch breaks, or waiting in the car, sneak a few pages at work - and feel proud that you're actually doing something about your spelling.

    Available from and


    Or You can buy the ebook version for £5.99
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    This is for the online ebook version!!!

    I love this book. I learnt one or two spelling rules at school but not enough. Schools should be teaching these (and your spelling strategies and letter patterns!). Keep up the great work, Anne.

    Love this book. Clear, no jargon, I enjoy testing myself with the exercises. I find I keep coming back to it. Mark, USA

    I think a lot of teachers should take note of your very clear useful book.
    Kind regards, Elizabeth C

    Spelling Strategies & Secrets: The essential how to spell guide (second edition)
    (suitable for British and American users)

    spelling strategies & secrets book

    spelling strategies book

    Available from and

    Improve your spelling knowledge - the background, history, patterns, rules, how to learn and remember spellings.

    How to Spell the 20 Most Commonly Misspelled Words Workbook & Journal
    (suitable for British and American users)

    <img alt=

    unnecessary, embarrassed, separately, definitely, argument, irrelevant, responsibilities, achievement, reference, particularly, occasional, committed, colleagues, liaison...
    These words are the most misspelled words made by native speakers according to the Oxford Dictionary, Oxford University Press, and Viviane Cook. The worst thing is they're often misspelled on job application forms.

    Do you misspell these words?

    You have to work at spelling to improve it. Just because you've seen a word and written it down once doesn't mean you'll be able to spell the word. No.

    You must work at and study spelling -
    notice it, think about it, question it and take notes.

    Taking notes, writing your thoughts, and questioning helps
    to boost your retention/remembering by 50%
    And, of course, you must write and use the spellings.

    How to Spell the 20 Most Commonly Misspelled Words Workbook & Journal is for adults like you who can spell OK, but need to work on these words to spell them confidently (and correctly, unlike a lot of people!)

    It’s suitable for both British and American English users.

    The How to Spell the 20 Most commonly Misspelled Words Workbook & Journal takes you through a step-by-step process that really makes you notice, study, and write these words so you can remember how to spell them.

    Don't be the one who misspells these words! Learn to spell them in a month.

    Available from and

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    how to spell spelling

    Want to know a secret about spelling?

    spelling strategies 

    Want to remember spellings easily?
    Want to know tricks that can help you spell?
    Then the How to Spell Spelling Strategies Video is for you. Now free to watch.

    Dark_Blue_White learn more

    Good spellers use all sorts of ways and strategies to help them remember spellings. Learn these in just 30 minutes and you'll never struggle to remember an important spelling again!

    Using spelling strategies and memory tricks to help you remember spellings is so useful, and fun.
    For more tips and ways to learn words get my Spelling Strategies video now and never forget how to spell an important word again.

    Improve your spelling by knowing the reasons why spelling is so weird and wonderful.

    spelling lessons

    Two great ways to improve your spelling are knowing where words come from and taking an interest in words. That means:

    • knowing the reasons why English spelling is so 'weird'
    • understanding the history of why spelling is the way it is
    • understanding why we have so many words with the same or similar meanings

    spelling books 

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    "For a word nerd like me, this is a little gem. I have learned bits and pieces of the history of English over the years, but this book really helped me connect it all together. A nice, quick, fun and easy read. Now I can give my students some better answers when they complain about the spelling and pronunciation of English."
    Sheri Summers - American speaking & expert - Click here to find out more about her American Accent Course


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    Available from and

    Or you might be interested in my How to Punctuate your Spelling online course. Learn all those tricky punctuation marks in spelling: apostrophes, hyphens, abbreviations, and capital letters.
    How to Punctuate your Spelling on

    Punctuation Guide & Workbook ebook version out now on amazon or right here! Click the secure ejunkie shopping cart below and then pay by Paypal

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    how to punctuate spelling

    Click here for a discount, and to find out more about this unique online course £10.99

    Online spelling rules course


    Click here for a discount, and to find out more about this exclusive online course with new, longer, spelling rules videos

    Some recent reviews:
    A lot of good information is covered and is easy to understand. Joanne is an awesome Teacher and I've learned so much from taking her Spelling Strategies Video in 2013. Julie K
    I enjoyed the course because it is very clear and you can go over and over the lessons again until you feel comfortable to move on. Darren J.
    Excellent materials. JC
    Very easy to understand. Iryna
    Easy to understand. Angelina
    Thank you very much. It was useful for me to improve my spelling skill. WB
    So far the course is nicely laid out. I also like the tests after each lesson. JW

    For UK teachers to pass their QTS spelling test. For more info click here


    Grammar Video Lesson - if you want to understand the key mistakes people make with grammar and to understand the importance of accents, dialects then click here to find out more on Standard vs. Non-Standard English

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    spelling videos spelling books

    Click here for books I recommend on spelling, the history of English, dictionaries etc.

    Recent comments from customers:

    Hi Joanne, I don't know how I found you on the internet, but am so pleased I did. I was looking for a basic English course at my local college (well spelling really) just a refresher course. You have saved me the embarrassment of attending college by sending me great work I can do at home.

    Your course work is brilliant I love doing the spelling tests etc and with so much to choose from I feel I have improved in such a short time.The spelling patterns, words within words why did I never see that? I am so grateful to you for your help. Kind Regards, Christine. (student on Spelling Patterns and Pronunciation Masterclass)

    Thank you so much. I loved your video on spelling strategies
    necessary - one collar two sleeves
    stationery = e for envelopes, pens

    Wow! I can't believe after only a few minutes watching your video
    i can do this - 50 years i've waited to feel happy to even look at how words are constructed

    Your voice is so encouraging and doesn't sound condescending at all
    Once again many thanks

    Ali x

    ps I did have a little weep as it took me back to being 7 year old child not being able to do it - now i'm on my way - !!!!

    "Thanks alot for your video. I got about a lot wrong the first time - necessary, February, business, assistant, accommodation, believe, --- but then when I watched the video again, stopping to write the words down as I went, I did the test again and got them all right (Spelling Strategies video).

    I don't know what is wrong with me, but all my life I have been a bad speller. Maybe because I left school and did not stay in school. I just did not know the tricks. But those memory tricks in your video helped a great deal.
    Thanks heaps for the vid. It was really great." Joseph (Spelling Strategies video)

    "I had to write and show my appreciation, thank you so much for an excellent programme. It's fun and highly enjoyable." (Spelling Patterns Masterclass) C.M.

    Really enjoying this course. (Spelling Patterns Masterclass)
    I have always shied away from writing in the notes because of my spelling and my handwriting.
    I have noticed my handwriting has improved and my spelling.
    I can’t explain how much this means to me and to say thank you to you.
    The confidence I have I feel like I am walking on air.
    And if you would have told me I would be writing this e mail this time last week I would have said no way .
    Best wishes

    It's great!!
    Thank you Joanne for putting together such an incredible course. (Spelling Patterns Masterclass)
    Robert S.

    Hi Joanne, thank you so much for the video I found it so useful. The spellings I got wrong were assistant, accommodation and stationery but with those memory tricks I think I have cracked it ! Thank you I am already feeling slightly more confident about my spelling!

    5 out of 5 stars I found this book very helpful. (The Reasons Why... ebook)
    By Sarah Ann. I am a dyslexic adult and this is the first intelligent spelling book I've seen. When you recognise word parts with similar meanings it helps you to determine which vowel that word part should contain. That has been one of my biggest problems in spelling, neutral vowels in the middle of words and no way of guessing what they are. Learning the history and the meaning of words really makes a difference. This book is great. Thank you for writing it and thank you for all the videos on Youtube as well.

    For a word nerd like me, this was a little gem (The Reasons Why...ebook) . I have learned bits and pieces of the history of English over the years, but this book really helped me connect it all together. A nice, quick, fun and easy read. Now I can give my students some better answers when they complain about the spelling and pronunciation of English.

    I've downloaded your excellent ebook (The Reasons Why...) and I just want to say a big THANK YOU! It's wonderful, informative and easy to use. I'm a teacher and I find this stuff just the way I need in my work. S.M.

    Hi, I purchased your spelling video. As a teacher I'm able to play it in class. A really interesting great way to spell. Thanks heaps, S.C., Australia

    "The best thing with howtospell is that they just don’t teach you how to spell but also the pronounciation. It helped with my kids english subjects and so is my english grammar." Jackie

    "I love your way of explanation. This was my first time I saw your classes. you are very great that you giving such a wonderful knowledge to all those who are weak in English, grammar and spelling. once again I am very thankful to you." K.S

    "l was preparing for my CAE exams last year and found this website. l passed the exam with an A, and for the writing part this site is perfect. l continue receiving Joanne's emails and enjoy them very much." Sandra I

    Thanks for your work, this stuff is excellent ( Spelling Patterns Masterclass). Your book ‘The Reasons Why..." is a real classic – it has taught me a lot – it should be in curriculum’s everywhere.
    Adam, Australia

    just I would like to thank you for this amazing video (Spelling Strategies) I felt that you knew exactly what is my weakness are. I loved it thanks again. Iman

    I purchased your e-book with audio.
    I just like to thank you for a great book!!
    I'm dyslexic and this approach really works for me.
    Thanks again
    Robert S

    Dear Joanne,
    A very big thank you for the splendid lessons.
    I enjoyed them all and they've helped me teach my students.
    I look forward to have more lessons from you.

    Hmmm. I 've learnt from your ebook why English is so Weird and Wonderful but still trying to figure out why YOU are so wonderful. If you have an ebook explaining that I'll be glad to get it :-)
    Many many thanks :-) G.