How to spell 2 commonly misspelled words

Which is correct?
a. argument b. arguement
a. seperate b. separate

Use a memory trick to help you remember there's no 'e' in argument.
For example: I lost an 'e' in argument.
Or use the word-within-a-word strategy - can you see the gum in argument?
Think of gum when you're chewing over an argument!
or Don't chew gum when you're having an argument!

We also drop the 'e' with -ing in arguing
argue – drop the 'e' + ing = arguing

Separate changes sound depending on whether it's a verb, adjective or adverb.
The verb has 3 syllables with the stress on the first syllable – to separate "SEP er rate". Please separate it. They're separating
The adjective has two syllables with a silent 'a' "SEP rut" A separate place
The adverb = separately "SEP rut ly"

They're spelt the same way, so let's look at some memory tricks.
We can use a word within a word. Can you see "a rat" in separate?

There's a rat in separate

How do you separate and rate a rat?

And see those e's either side of a rat sep a rat e

We just add ly to make separately

But drop the 'e' with -ing. So separate – drop the 'e' + ing = separating

To learn, improve, and remember spelling you need to work at, notice, study, write it.

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unnecessary, embarrassed, separately, definitely, argument, irrelevant, responsibilities, achievement, reference, particularly, occasional, committed, colleagues, liaison...
These words are the most misspelled words made by native speakers according to the Oxford Dictionary, Oxford University Press, and Viviane Cook. And the worse thing is they're often misspelled on job application forms.

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