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How to Develop Your Writing Talent: a brief list of exercises to inspire you, and get you writing by Alice Depp

Is your mind bursting with creativity? Do you feel like you have a lot to give to this world, but you can’t find a way to express everything you think and feel? How about writing? You want to write but you’re not that good a writer? Well, the good news is that you can become a good one! Everyone has a hidden writing talent. It just takes a lot of work, courage, and practice to develop it.

Here's a brief list of exercises for you. They are fun, extremely effective, and you won’t even notice you’re putting any effort into them. (So stop putting off writing and see if these ideas help you.) You'll need a notebook or online notebook. Ready?

1. Find a random prompt on your bookshelf
Take a look at the books on the shelf. Pick up the 5th one in the row. Open page 5. Read the 5th sentence on the page, and write it down. This will be your prompt.
Write a short text that starts with that sentence. Since this is a simple exercise, you don’t have to worry about the structure of the text. It can be a poem, blog post, short story, or a random flow of thoughts that come to your mind.

2. Using the word of the day
Find the word of the day from an online dictionary (dictionary.com or Macmillan Dictionary). Put it in a sentence or two. Write at least one sentence a day with this method and you'll soon get inspired. Make sure to read through those sentences from time to time and maybe an idea will come to you.

3. Describe something you experienced for the first time
First experiences are always a good inspiration. Get your notebook and write about the first pet you ever had, your first kiss, or your first vacation. Turn it into a story, so you’ll work on your storytelling.

4. Write something about yourself
This won’t be an easy exercise. It’s really difficult to write about yourself without sounding too humble or too arrogant. (Check out - Write About Yourself) Thus, it will take more practice for you to master this exercise. Write a brief biography about yourself. Keep it around 500 words; you don’t have to write an entire book. Mention the most meaningful experiences that formed your personality - the more emotional and painful the better, so don't censor yourself, let it flow, and enjoy writing.

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5. Describe a negative experience or emotion
Negative emotions are very strong. Instead of keeping them inside, you should set them free. Writing is a great way to let you pour out all your negative emotions. Don’t hold anything back. No one has to read what you write, but it usually makes for an interesting read if you do.

6. Try freelance blogging
Do you know what will inspire you to write more and develop your writing? Freelance blogging. (Check out - freelance blogger tips.) If you still don’t feel confident in your skills, make the blog anonymous. It’s important to make it public though, since you’ll feel committed to attract an audience and publish content on regular basis. You’ll learn a lot from the feedback of your readers. As for the blogging niche, pick something that interests you and will give you tons of material to write about.

7. Write a diary
Writing a diary is one of the easiest ways to practice/practise (BrE) writing. Journaling teaches you how to make a connection with your inner self, and express the daily joys and struggles you go through. (Check out - famous writers on keeping a diary). You can write a diary in a plain notebook, but you can also use Tumblr, Penzu or Pencourage that encourage you to write an entry every day.


8. Write a story about someone you know
This exercise will help you become better at writing, but it will also remind you how much you appreciate the people in your life. Think of a person you respect, and write about the best qualities they possess. Don’t forget to mention their weaknesses, too. Write about the way you met them, the experiences you had together, and all those times you were impressed by their actions.

When you start writing regularly, you'll start to enjoy it and hopefully fall in love with it. It takes some work and practice to get there, but guess what: the beauty lies in the journey; not in the final achievement.

Alice Depp is a student majoring in economy. Her main interest is not economy; it’s writing! She’s making a breakthrough in the freelance writing industry and she dreams about the day her first book will be published.