Homophones are words that have the same sound but different meanings and different spellings. For example: there, they’re, their/
to, too, two /been, bean /witch, which/bye, buy, by/ here, hear/
pear, pair, pare/ isle, aisle, I’ll/ allowed, aloud/ ate, eight/ new, knew/
piece, peace/ genes, jeans/ here, hear

*These words are often used incorrectly in writing. People from all walks of life, regardless of their education and background, make mistakes when spelling words like "stationery and stationary", "were, we're, where", "its and it's", as well as everyday words like "their, there, they're" and "to, too, two".

If you use the wrong word the computer won't show it's a mistake because it's not a spelling mistake.

The good news is you can remember which word to use by using simple strategies such as memory tricks and word-within-a-word to help you sort out which witch is which!

The most common mistake is with there, their, they’re
there = place. Use a word within a word memory trick here there where
their = possession. My car, their car. their - i = my = their. Or word within a word - their heir
they’re is a contraction of they are so when reading your work back say they’re as they are and you’ll soon see if it fits.

hear or here? Hear with your ear (a word within a word memory trick.)

here there where = place

stationery or stationary? Do you have a memory trick?

Station ery = envelopes. Stationary = at the station.

piece or peace? Use a word-within-a-word memory trick?
A piece of pie. spelling homophones

peace and love.

Remember by coming up with your own memory tricks it helps fix the word in your memory - click here if you want to know more about memory tricks and see some useful ones

spelling tests

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The following are the spelling test sentences. I've underlined all the homophones so you can see how many there are and what a nightmare they are, especially when you're writing quickly and the first one you can think of pops up.

Test sentences / answers

1. I want to buy a new pair of jeans because I’ve put on weight and my waist has expanded.

2. This week I felt so weak, I don’t know why, maybe because I ate nothing for days.

3. He’ll go back to his country when there is peace but he might have to wait for years.

4. The new train was stationary for hours because of the weather.

5. Their country is too dangerous so they’re allowed to stay here.

6. I threw some meat away because it tasted like wood.

7. He knows his nose is big and people stare.

**Just work on the words you have problems with and don’t worry about words you’re OK with.

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