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5 Pieces of Technology Our Homeschool Couldn't Do Without by Annabelle Fee

Everyone has at least a few homeschool items that are crucial to their everyday routine. Modern technology is moving so rapidly nowadays that you don't want your kids to miss out on interacting with the 'must-have' pieces.

Additionally, employing some types of new technology in your homeschool can open up a whole new world that just wouldn't be accessible to your kids otherwise. They can go on “field trips” via video to anywhere in the world.

They can even interact with other homeschoolers on different continents! In this article, we take a look at five crucial pieces of tech and why you need to incorporate them into your homeschool today.

1. Laptop/Computer
It's likely that you will need a few laptops or computers depending on how many kids you're homeschooling. You don't need to lay out exorbitant amounts of money for these either. So long as the software is up-to-date you can use a hand-me-down model. In fact, this is probably preferable to buying new, expensive computers.

Many homeschoolers rely on their laptops on a daily basis for activities such as:
• Attending online conferences
• Listening to music
• Taking part in online classes
• Watching videos
• Listening to podcasts
• Spreadsheets
• Writing and editing stories or papers
• Programming, and more.

2. Tablets or Kindles
Entire libraries of books are readily accessed in no time at all when you use a tablet or Kindle. Your children can even take a Kindle or tablet out and about with them so they can learn no matter where they are. Also, your kids will be able to do the following with this important piece of technology:

Read books
• Follow tutorials
• Watch videos
• Listen to audio books
• Undertake research

3. Skype/Google+ Hangout
Both Skype and Google+ Hangout are so useful for helping your kids stay connected to others as they learn. For example, they can do the following:

Collaborate on projects
• Chat to other learners
• Discuss books etc.
• Writers workshops, and more.

4. Digital Microscope
You may not have even considered it, but digital microscopes are a real plus when you're homeschooling. Digital models do the following and more:

Allows younger kids to successfully use a microscope without damaging any slides
• Enables all your children to view what's under the scope at any one time
• Takes still images of what's under the scope
• Records live video

5. Making Videos
There is nothing more fun than making a video. Your kids can use free, simple video makers like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to create their own video masterpiece. Making movies is a wonderfully creative outlet. Kids can learn through experimentation and will be proud of everything they've achieved. They can even share their work with family and friends.

Employing technology in your homeschool provides your kids with endless learning opportunities. Technology might not make up an entire homeschool learning experience, but it certainly enhances it!

Annabelle Fee is part of the community team at Next Day PC
Annabelle enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact people’s lives.