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A Guide to Free Online Courses & Resources by Veronica Hunt

The Internet is the ultimate tool for information, resources and self-education. And in this article we'll look at some websites that give you free classes and resources to learn about anything, at any time, and without spending money. All you need is your own desire and motivation. is a website where you can get free courses from such publishers as MIT, Microsoft, Google, Cambridge University, and Macmillan. The diploma-level courses are also available here. By passing the courses, you can earn a certificate in HR, social work, project management, and other office-related subjects that may help you get a job. Different diploma and certificate courses are available out there, so you can use this resource to improve and test your skills. is a community for teachers and learners. On this website, you can find more than 300 lessons available free of charge. Anyone can create a lesson and teach a class on subjects like film, technology, cooking, craft, photography, or writing. The only rule is to follow the resource’s publishing guidelines. The courses are grouped by subject so can easily be found. It is a good place to view lessons as well as become a teacher and share your own skills and knowledge.

Project Gutenberg has a large (more than 50,000) collection of ebooks, all free. The library includes books in different languages. You will find familiar and obscure names and titles there for your download and pleasure. If you have no concrete ideas about the book you want to read, check their Top 100 List and you will find something new and interesting.

OpenCulture is a perfect resource for every learner. You can find more than 1,150 online courses, 700 audio books, 700+ movies, 800 ebooks, 300 language lessons, and 150 business courses and all of them are completely free! The website grows and currently you can find almost everything there. is a popular resource. It is a non-profit organization, which offers numerous open online courses for free. There you will find a great number of interesting and fresh video classes and lectures, as well as a variety of interactive courses. is not an academic resource, but you will enjoy this website for sure. If you need some practical and simple information about how something works, you will find this resource useful. The good thing is that you will not find too much theory and other boring things in the articles. Instead, you will get information that you have always wanted to know about computers, health, electronics, geography, food and more. is an online library that offers access to the largest collection of books, magazines and newspaper articles in social sciences and humanities. This must be one of the largest online libraries in the world. Its content is selected by academic professionals, librarians and professors. They also claim that the selected content is unique and you will not find it anywhere in the Internet. The site also provides note-taking, search and writing tools that may come in handy during your research. These tools will help you find and locate necessary information, cite and quote correctly, and create bibliographies and footnotes.

This is a free Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources for students and probably one of the best websites for resources. It is a community of higher educational institutions that allow access to advanced course materials, which might help you with your education and career. Courses they offer can be found in 20+ languages to make sure that people from all over the world can enjoy them. offers hundreds of open online courses from more than 200 universities from across the globe. There are plenty of subjects available, and you can even organize the courses you are interested in into a curriculum – for instance, you can form a complete management or public health path. And the best thing – it is free! is another good place for online lessons. There you can find a massive collection of courses gathered from the best and the most well-known universities from around the world, such as Stanford, Harvard and MIT. Search by general subject and you will find almost anything. The variety of topics and disciplines range from psychology to accounting and economics.

Veronica Hunt is an edtech expert and a professional blogger. She tries to provide students with up-to-date info on how to make studying easier.