Press the player above, write what you hear, and after check your spellings carefully.
Then assess your mistakes and ask yourself what strategies you can use to help you remember the words.

tablet do a spelling test


1.We're moving tomorrow. It's the first time I've ever moved house.

2. I'm having a party on Wednesday evening.

3. I'm writing to complain about the poor service in your restaurant.

4. Every Saturday I used to go swimming but since changing my job I'm always tired.

5. I'm the new manager of this shop and manage the staff. I'm managing OK but it's hard.

6. The weather is changeable at the moment.

7. The sensible thing to do is to keep agreeing with the management.

8. He has a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for the job.

9. She has an incredible imagination.

10. I'm truly sorry about the argument we had.

Thanks to the online Oxford English Dictionaries site.

I use and recommend the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary because it gives examples of the word in use and has plenty of grammar, vocabulary and practical writing ideas.